11 Different Songs About Daughters – A song for every situation

Here is a list of songs about daughters for any occasion. Whether they tell a story about falling in love with someone’s daughter, describe the broken relationship between a father and daughter, or describe a father’s emotions when seeing his daughter all grown up and getting married, these songs are all great in their own way.


Country Songs About Daughters

  1. Country – Chuck Wicks – Stealing Cinderella
    I am yet to find a better suited wedding father daughter dance song. Perhaps it’s due to the fact I have recently had my wedding, but this song brought several tears to my eyes. It is about a man realising that to his girlfriend’s dad, she will always be playing cinderella or riding her first bike. She will always be her little girl.
  2. Country – Rodney Atkins – Farmers Daughter
    A sweet, sweet song about getting some work at a farm, finding it hard, then meeting the farmer’s daughter, falling in love, getting married and living happily ever after.

Alternative Rock Songs About Daughters

  1. Alternative Rock – Pearl Jam – Daughter
    The meaning of this song is quite abstract and left to the interpreter. It is said to be about the abuse of a daughter by her mother due to it’s references to violence. Some have also made connections to this song being about dyslexia due to references made about hardship of understanding reading. Taken literally, the chorus is perfect for a daughter who does not wish to be called a daughter. Overall, great, classic nineties song.
  2. Folk – Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter
    Rumor has it, the blower in this case refers to the telephone. Prior to his music career, the singer used to work in a call center. As part of his job, he had one day made a call for a man who wasn’t home. The man’s daughter answered the phone and he was immediately captivated by her voice. If you’re interested, here is the whole story. Either way, this is yet another beautiful song about falling in love with someone’s daughter.
  3. Alternative Metal – Pop Evil – Boss’ daughter
    This song about falling in love with the boss’ daughter cannot be described as sweet and neither can the girl the song describes. The girl would rather be described as strong, confident and sexy. And the song can better be described as “in your face”.
  4. Punk Rock – Greenday – The Judge’s Daughter
    With a typical Greenday sound, this song is a description of a man who has a crush on a judge’s daughter.
  5. Glam Metal – Black Veil Brides – The Mortician’s Daughter
    A beautiful, slow love song. It is rumored to be written for a band member’s actual girlfriend, whose dad is a mortician.
  6. Heavy Metal – Iron Maiden – Bring your daughter to the slaughter
    The message in this song is clear: “bring your daughter to the slaughter!” .. or don’t. Ok, so the message is not clear, that is just the chorus. But to me this song is about trying to keep your daughter too sheltered from the rest of the world even though you can see it’s not working and this is only creating more distance in your relationship.

Old Songs About Daughters

  1. Soft Rock – Bread – Daughter
    A sweet old song providing advice to a daughter about holding on, not giving her love to the first man to come her way, but waiting for real love instead.

Pop Songs About Daughters

  1. Pop – Demi Lovato – For The Love of a Daughter
    The singer describes a broken relationship with her father. He pleads with him to change for the love of his daughter. I had not heard much of Demi Lovato before hearing this song, but I must admit, I totally fell in love with the vocals.
  2. Hip Hop – Eminem – My Dad’s Gone Crazy
    The chorus features Eminem’s daughter exclaiming that she thinks he has gone crazy. Apart from this, this song is more about Eminem’s general feelings on some unrelated stuff.