9 Alternative 4th of July Songs

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Alternative music is all about being independent. So what better way to usher in the 4th of July than with a list of indie songs about Independence Day? In true indie style, these alternative 4th of July songs range from the patriotic through to the critical all the way through to love songs. You won’t find Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind or the Bruce Springsteen’s Land of Hopes and Dreams on this list. This list of alternative 4th of July songs is all about jangly guitars and indie angst.

    1. 4th of July by Ani DiFranco:
      a story of hope against all odds, this 1993 release describes the life of a small boy who will turn seven on the 4th of July.
    2. 4th of July by Soundgarden:
      this 1994 song by the popular grunge band Soundgarden describes how the spark and fire of the situation around him reminds him of the celebrations of the 4th of July.
    3. 4th of July by Galaxie 500:
      this song describes the way in which the annual 4th of July celebrations make him reflect on his life and his place in the country.
    4. 4th of July by Aimee Mann:
      this 1993 song touches on the songwriter’s thoughts about how the world has become a harsher, colder place, and how each 4th of July makes her reflect on these changes.
    5. 4th of July by U2:
      If your vocal cords are on the wane after all that singing, then this 1984 instrumental track might be for you. Hailing from Ireland, U2 may be an odd choice to celebrate an American holiday, but they do know a thing or two about Independence.
    6. Fourth of July by X:
      This 1997 recording describes the singer’s struggle with his partner against the backdrop of the 4th of July. In it, independence meets loneliness.
    7. Independence Day by Elliott Smith:
      the singer describes a world of bright ideals and hopes – and hopes that they won’t be cut short.
    8. 4th of July by Azure Ray:
      The singer describes how he fell for the girl of his dreams on the 4th of July, and how he’ll never forget that fateful day.
    9. Peaceful World by John Mellencamp:
      on the quieter side of the indie spectrum, this 2001 Mellencamp song became an anthem of sorts in the wake of the September 11 bombings.

What type of music sparks your spirit on Independence Day? If you have a favorite, let our readers know by leaving a comment.

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