Alternative Break Up Songs Of 2010

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This list of alternative break up songs has been chosen from triple j’s hottest 100 of 2010. For those that are unfamiliar with the hottest 100, it is compiled every year by radio station triple j after receiving hundreds of thousands of votes from alternative music fans.

  1. Alternative Rock – Birds of Tokyo – Plans
    The song starts with the singer recalling meeting someone and making plans together to kiss the sun at night. Overall, it could be interpreted in many ways. But, to me, with lyrics such as “You know this don’t feel right” and “Don’t forget me or who you are”, this song is about the end of a relationship and saying goodbye. There is confusion about feelings and a desire to keep true to oneself.
  2. Hip Hop Soul – Cee Lo Green – F U!
    Anyone who has had their girl run off with someone else may be able to relate to this song. The lyrics contain many things you may like to say in such a situation. Despite all this, it is an up-beat song that can get you moving on.
  3. Electronic – Crystal Castles – Not In Love
    They were lovers, now they can’t be friends. This is a great song for convincing yourself you are no longer in love. I personally prefer the version featuring Robert Smith.
  4. Experimental Rock – Yeasayer – ONE
    It has been said this song is about giving up alcohol or another addiction. (The letters in the title are said to stand for One’s Not Enough). However, with lyrics such as “I can’t have you anymore” and “Hold me like you used to”, this could be an addiction to an ex.
  5. Indie Rock – The National – Anyone’s Ghost
    One interpretation of this song is a relationship where the girl has started to disengage, or distance herself. She is lying about what she is doing and avoiding him. This is not the sort of relationship he wants to have, he doesn’t want to be “anyone’s ghost”.
  6. Indie Pop – The Jezabels – Easy To Love
    In this song, the singer seems to be describing seeing her ex after a recent painful break up. She can barely stand to see how he has grown.
  7. Alternative Rock – Dead Letter Circus – One Step Away
    With lyrics such as “I hate when you come around” and “Say that you’re gonna go”, to me, this song is about a relationship becoming unbearable because of too much compromise. Complete with that unmistakeable, powerful and addictive DLC sound, this song had me screaming to the top of my lungs.

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