Alternative Break Up Songs

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    Here is a list of alternative break up songs, some of which are unique in the way they have captured the artists’ own experiences and feelings at the time. There are songs about not wanting to let go, feeling alone and sad. There are songs about realizing that this is for the best. There are songs about wondering where things went wrong. There are songs about being the only one left in a house that was shared with a loved one. There are songs about realizing how different your partner is from what you first thought.

  1. Alternative Rock – Jimmy Eat World – The World You Love
    This song could be interpreted many ways. The very first few lines could be the very opening lines of a break up conversation.
  2. Alternative Rock – Smashing Pumpkins – Thirty Three
    It is said that Billy Corgan wrote this song about his divorce and the pain of this difficult time.
  3. Indie Pop – Kate Nash – Foundations
    An upbeat song despite the difficulty is describes. It is about finding it really hard to let go of a relationship that is not working.
  4. Alternative Rock – Garbage – Cup Of Coffee
    The feelings of hurt Shirley Manson sings about in this song seem to have created quite a unique, more mellow, Garbage sound.
  5. Alternative Rock – Muse – Falling Away With You
    This song describes a relationship that is ending. You can really feel the singer’s “world crumbling away”.
  6. Alternative Rock – The Strokes – Someday
    This song is about being with someone who is not right for you, realizing this and moving on.
  7. Alternative Rock – Diana Anaid – Perfect Family
    This song describes memories of a great relationship with great plans for the future. Somewhere along the line, things went wrong and now the singer is left cleaning up the mess and wondering where things went wrong.
  8. Australian Punk Rock – One Dollar Short – Is this the part?
    This song is an apology for a fight that had happened the night before. The singer is wondering what he may have done to make his partner so mad and if this is the end of the relationship.
  9. Alternative Indie – Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek
    This song can have various interpretations. But it is hard to look at lyrics such as “Oil marks appear on walls where pleasure moments hung before” and not come to the conclusion one person is moving out while another remains in a home that once held such warmness but now feels cold and unwelcoming.
  10. Piano Rock – Ben Folds – You Don’t Know Me
    This song can be interpreted to be about a couple that realized they never really understood each other completely.

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