Pop Songs About Winter

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Here is a list of some of the best pop songs about winter. After Christmas is over but the cold remains, winter can seem pretty grim sometimes. Some of these songs capture the feeling of a cold winter’s day perfectly while others aim to brighten up such a day.

  1. Pop – Ronan Keating – Winter Songs
    This is a beautiful, sad song. It compares winter with not being able to hold the one you love in your arms.
  2. Pop – Gabriella Cilmi – Warm This Winter
    A fun, upbeat song about keeping warm in the cold winter.
  3. Pop – Sarah McLachlan – Winter Song
    A great song that depicts a picturesque winter scene but also great sadness at missing loved ones during the holiday season.
  4. Pop – Cranberries – So Cold In Ireland
    This is really a song about troubles in Ireland. But it does ask the question: “Does it have to be so cold in Ireland?”
  5. Hip Hop – Kanye West – Coldest Winter
    This is a catchy song, but it is about saying goodbye and wondering “Will I ever love again?”
  6. Pop – Sting – Hounds Of Winter
    This is one of the more up-beat songs on this list, but really, it is still about missing someone.
  7. Pop – Gwen Stefani – Early Winter
    This is another song that uses the winter metaphore for hearbreak.
  8. Pop Rock – Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson – Winter Song
    This is fastly turning into a list of songs that hold winter as a metaphore for lost love. However, I particularly enjoyed one of the last verses of this song. It talked about still believing in summer days and that seasons always change.
  9. Synthpop – Owl City – Peppermint Winter
    The lyrics of this song talk about all the typical things to do with winter: snowball fights, slipping over on ice, Christmas and so on.
  10. Pop – Annie Lennox – Cold
    With lyrics such as “Winter has frozen us, Let love take hold of us”, this is a perfect song about winter.

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