Best Songs About Brothers

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Here is a list of songs about brothers. These songs are mostly about losing a brother and the sadness associated with this. There are also songs about making amends with brothers, fighting with brothers or songs that simply make mention to brothers.

Alternative Songs About Brothers


  1. Rock – Brother – Alice In Chains
    This song was written by Jerry Cantrell in an attempt to make amends with his younger brother as they were not always very close growing up.
  2. Hard Rock – Brother – Pearl Jam To me, this song is written for brothers who have not always got along. It paints a picture of tension and anger.
  3. Electronica & Dance – Chemical Brothers – Leave Home
    This song was not necessarily written about brothers, but if you’re simply looking for a song with lyrics that make reference to brothers, look no further! “The brother’s gonna work it out”.
  4. Hard Rock – Dark New Day – Brother
    This is a heartfelt song about brothers. Especially, it is about missing your brother and wondering when he will be back.
  5. Indie Rock – Little Birdy – Brother The lyrics of this song are quite abstract, but the singer does mention the fact her ‘brother taught her how to fly’. This song features Paul Kelly on backing vocals and harmonica.
  6. Trip-Hop – Archive – Brother
    With a mellower sound than the others, this is perhaps the saddest song about losing a brother that I have come across so far. It was certainly enough to bring a tear to my eye.
  7. Baroque Pop – Rufus Wainwright – He ain’t heavy he’s my brother
    Many versions of this song have been released over the years, with it’s earliest recording made by Neil Diamond in his 1970 album. The Rufus Wainwright version is my personal favorite.
  8. Country Songs About Brothers

  9. Country – Heather Davis – Brother’s Song

    This is a sad song about losing a big brother, remembering childhood memories and saying goodbye.
  10. Country – Dean Brody – Brothers
    This song is about a brother who left to fight in the war It is about missing your brother, wishing him the best and wanting him to come home safely.
  11. Indie – Matt Corby – Brother
    An absolutely beautiful song which is better enjoyed for Matt Corby’s amazing vocals than it’s mysterious lyrics. It is said the song is a reflection on a falling out the singer had with a very close friend, a very dark period in his life. But as the lyrics say, “Somebody call out to your brother, he’s calling out your name!”.