18 Songs About Family – Songs for all situations

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This list of some songs about family is quite varied. It contains songs about reflecting fondly back on your childhood and your parents. There are songs about wishing your family could fix problems and get a long a bit better. There are songs about loving your family. There are songs about seeing your new born daughter for the first time and realizing how lucky you are.


Pop Songs About Family

  1. Pop – Pink – Family Portrait
    This song is about an unhappy family. The singer wishes there would be no more fighting and that everything can be worked out.
  2. Pop Rock – Cranberries – Ode To My Family
    This sad song reflects back on childhood, mum and dad and how different things are now.
  3. Jazz-Funk – Level 42 – Running In The Family
    This is another song about looking back on your childhood, remembering how strict your dad may have been at times.
  4. Soul – Sister Sledge – We Are Family
    This is an old classic about a family who stands united
  5. Soul – Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams – Without Us
    This song was the theme to eighties sitcom, Family Ties.
  6. Pop – Jon Troast – Family
    The singer describes growing up with his many siblings and states that “you would be proud to come from a family like his”. Of course, it wasn’t always perfect. But if he ever had to choose between growing up in a perfect family or his own family, he would always choose his family.
  7. Soul – Sly & the Family Stone – A Family Affair
    The singer’s unique vocals seem to transport the listener back to the 70s. In a unique way, this song describes to family situations. The first is a mother with 2 children as different from each other as can be. She loves them both equally. The other family situation is newlyweds getting used to married life.

Rock Songs About Family

  1. Rock – Rolling Stones – Family This song describes each member of a family with more than its fair share of problems.

Alternative Songs About Family

  1. Blues Rock – John Butler Trio – Peaches And Cream
    The birth of his daughter made John Butler realize how lucky he was and how much he loved his family. This song is his way of expressing this.
  2. Alternative Rock – They Might Be Giants – And Mom And Kid
    This is just a brief song to demonstrate how many different combinations can make up a family.
  3. Indie Pop – Marina And The Diamonds – Family Jewels
    To me, this song describes how expectations that family place upon you can often cause unnecessary distance to be created between you and your family.
  4. Indie Rock – Cast of Cheers – Family
    The singer starts by stating he will need another home, another family. The overall family situation described in the song seems to be quite a dire one filled with war and conflict.
  5. Indie Pop – Satellite Stories – Family
    This is an upbeat song about a boy who is considering starting a family one day. He has even picked a date.
  6. Indie Rock – TV on the Radio – Family Tree
    This is an absolutely beautiful heartfelt song. It’s lyrics are somewhat abstract though. The family tree could be a metaphor for present and past relationships. To me it is a promise of love and hope for better times.
  7. Heavy Metal – Avenged Sevenfold – Welcome to the Family
    This song is not necessarily literally about being welcomed to a family. But out of context, the chorus may serve to do just that.

Hip Hop Songs About Family

  1. Hip Hop – Kanye West – Family Business
    This song describes a family reunion and some of the conversations that might take place.
  2. Hip Hop – Ying Yang Twins – FamilyThe song tells the story of one family in particular. The chorus asks: “When was the last time we were a family like we’re supposed to be?”

Country Songs About Family

        1. Country – Dolly Parton – Family
          This is a song about how your family is a reflection of the best and worst of you.
        2. Country – Lee Ann Rimes – Family
          This is a song that seems to celebrate the fact one’s family is not perfect. No matter what indiscretions or dramas might have taken place, the singer still states proudly: “This is my family”.

So there you have it, I hope you have enjoyed my various list of songs about family.

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