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Angry Break Up Songs

Here is a list of angry break up songs for guys and girls. There is no censoring of feelings in these, just the honest truth about feeling hurt and angry. One may assume that angry songs have a similar sound, perhaps of limiting music tastes. However, this list can prove that different musicians will portray anger in many different ways.

Angry Break Up Songs For Guys

  1. Alternative Rock – Ben Folds Five – Song For The Dumped
    In a way, this song makes light of the situation. It is quite upbeat and chirpy, but no doubt screaming the lyrics at the top of your voice is bound to make anyone feel better. This song is especially suited to those who feel they have spent a lot of money on a girl while she has done nothing but hurt them.
  2. Punk – Unsung Zeros – By The End Of The Day
    This song describes the common situation of realizing that the girl you are with is not the one for you and she is constantly bringing you down but somehow you are just unable to stay away. Towards the end, the singer seems to make a pact with himself to leave and get his life back.
  3. Pop Punk – Blink 182 – Time To Break Up
    At the start of this song, the singer is sick and tired of putting up with this girl’s crap and they should break up. He then wonders if he has made a huge mistake as he misses her a lot. By the end, he realized the best thing to do is let her go and move on.
  4. Alternative Rock – Three Days Grace – (I Hate) Everything About You
    This song can be interpreted many different ways. To me, this song is about having contradicting feelings about a person, and the confusion that comes with this. But, as the title suggests, it is a great song to dedicate to someone who has hurt you.
  5. Punk Rock – 28 Days – This song’s about you
    This is quite an abstract angry song. It seems to be dedicated to someone who has put the singer through a lot of shit.

Angry Break Up Songs For Girls

  1. Folk Rock Ani Di Franco – Untouchable Face
    The singer has found out her love interest in fact is with another woman. She is incredibly angry. She doesn’t feel she should by vying for his touch. She doesn’t want to see him again.
  2. Alternative Rock – Alanis Morisette – You Ought to Know
    A classic song about being angry at a man who has left to be with another woman. I find singing the lyrics to this to be most therapeutic but they do (intentionally or not) also seem to make light of the situation.
  3. Alternative Pop – The Murmurs – You Suck
    It is somewhat unlikely that this song is meant to be serious. It is probably the most fun to sing along to out of the whole list.

Well, there you have it, I hope you have enjoyed my list of angry break up songs for guys and girls.

9 Great Songs About Dads

Here is a list of songs about dads. This isn’t a particularly positive list. There are songs about abusive dads, songs about dads not being there, or just about general unhappiness with dad.

  1. Alternative Rock – The Samples – Dad
    In this song, the singer seems regretful of the fact his dad was never around when he was growing up. Time has passed and their relationship has become more and more distant. The singer wonders if his dad cares and wonders if his dad is aware of how much his son loves him.
  2. Pop Punk – Goldfinger – Dad
    At the start of this song, the listener could be forgiven for thinking the singer is angry with his dad. But really, despite some problems, the singer wants a better relationship with his dad. He pleads with his dad to never go away again.
  3. Punk Rock – NoMeansNo – Dad
    The lyrics of this song paint a disturbing picture of a violent, angry dad causing much pain and suffering.
  4. Alternative Hip Hop – Gym Class Heroes – Like Father Like Son
    This is one man’s recollection of his childhood. He remembers many things, including watching his dad needing to divide his pay between all his children (the singer’s step brothers and sisters).
  5. Ethel Waters – Oh Daddy
    The distinct sound of the 1920s is perfectly captured in this song. The lyrics encapsulate one girl’s feelings after seeing her dad walk out on her and her mom.
  6. Folk – Horse Feathers – Father
    In this sad, slow song, the singer is really dismayed with his father. He blames his father for his own short-comings.
    To be honest, my french is a little rusty. But I was able to pick up ‘I am vaccinated with sorrow’ and ‘oh daddy you drink too much’.
  8. Australian Rock – Paul Kelly – Going About My Father’s Business
    To me, this song is a story of a father saying goodbye to his sleeping child as he moves out. Just as the singer’s dad left when he was young, so he too is now leaving. In the song, the singer asks for forgiveness and states he hopes to return ‘when the treaty is signed’
  9. Folk Punk – Frank Turner – Father’s Day
    The artist wrote this song about his own father. As a young adult, Frank discovered the truth about his dad. Despite hiding behind appearances of being an upright, traditional, family man, he had been having a long-standing affair with another woman. He had lied to the family for over a decade.

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8 Father’s Day Songs For Alternative Music Fans

Here is a list of father’s day songs especially for alternative music fans. You’d be hard pressed to find any other songs with more heartfelt lyrics thanking fathers in such a beautiful way on their special day.

  1. Alternative Rock – K’s Choice – Dad
    In this song, the singer admits he was not always the perfect kid. Despite never communicating their love for one another, and perhaps not always understanding each other’s point of view, the singer knows that his dad loves him and he loves his dad also.
  2. Garage Pop – Keith John Adams – Dad
    The relationship between this father and son may not be perfect. So really, they are just like any father and son. However, they seemed to have made it through some tough times together, always seeing each other through.
  3. Symphonic Metal – Manowar – Father
    Such a heartfelt and sweet song celebrating one’s father is hard to come by. The lyrics talk about many great things that fathers do. Things like teaching right from wrong or simply being there for his son.
  4. Children’s – Bryant Oden – My Dad
    No list of Father’s Day songs is complete without this gem. It is a boppy children’s song about loving your dad.
  5. Indie Rock – Bright Eyes – Entry Way Song
    The lyrics of this song are filled with beautiful memories of one’s father as well as gratitude and deep respect. The melody is soft but the singer’s voice seems full of sadness.
  6. Folk Rock – Clare Bowditch – Homage To My Dad And The ABC
    The singer recalls memories of her dad from years past. They used to drive alongside the ocean together. He used to love to listen to the ABC. He would ‘take his time’ and say ‘All will be fine’.
  7. Folk Rock – Ben Harper – My Father’s House
    At the start of this song, the singer explains a dream he has had. He was a child, stuck in a cold dark scary forest. He ran until he fell shaking in his father’s arms. I find the second half of the song very sad. The man wakes and remembers various misunderstandings he has had with his dad and how they are no longer close. He tries to make amends but it’s too late.
  8. Rock – Adrian Belew – Oh Daddy
    This old-style, somewhat unusual yet upbeat and fun song is a conversation between a daugther an her dad. She is asking: “when will her dad become successful? When will he play a big gig? When will he buy a cadillac like he’s always wanted?

7 Halloween Rock Songs To Include In Your Party Mix

Here is a list of Halloween rock songs perfect for setting the mood at your party. You won’t find any overplayed classics here, just Halloween appropriate party songs that rock. Some mention witches or devils, some are closely related to scary movies, and some are just a bit creepy.

  1. Rock – Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween

  2. The original of this song was composed for the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and performed by the characters of this fictional town called ‘Halloween’. By covering this classic, Marilyn Manson has managed to create a rocking song for any Halloween party mix.

  3. Alternative Rock – All American Rejects – Real World
    This song starts with an appropriately creepy introduction. It then proceeds to state unhappiness with the world and the direction it is taking.
  4. Avant-Garde – Laibach – God is God
    This song is complete with a creepy intro, creepy lyrics and killer vocals. The intro sounds like the soundtrack to a battle scene from some sort of fantasy movie. The lyrics describe premonitions of seeing darkness and hell. To me, the sound of the vocals is reminiscent of bands such as Rammstein. This song was also featured on the ‘Blair Witch Project’ Soundtrack.
  5. Metal – Hydrovibe (featuring Shawnee Smith ) – Killer Inside
    This song also featured on the Saw 3 soundtrack. It is perhaps one of the softest songs on this soundtrack, which is really more of a reflection of the other songs on the Saw 3 soundtrack. The lyrics seem to send of message of asking for help in a messed up world.
  6. Indie Rock – Bloc Party – Hunting For Witches
    I admit the link between this song and Halloween is pretty slim. It is actually a song about the ‘war on terror’ and the London bombings of 2005. However, out of context, the chorus fits quite nicely as it is about ‘hunting for witches’. It is also a rocking song.
  7. Alternative Rock – Greenskeepers – Lotion
    This amusing song pays homage to the fictitious serial killer from the movie Silence of The Lambs, Buffalo Bill. The famous line “It rubs the lotion on its skin” is featured in the chorus.
  8. Alternative Rock / Hip-Hop – Raggadeth – Dance With The Devil
    The odds are pretty good that there will be at least one devil at your party. They are bound to love this ‘oldie but goodie just based on the chorus. With their unique and very original sound, Raggadeth will get you asking: “Are you a rebel? Have you ever Danced with the Devil?

8 Alternative Songs About London and Relationships

Here is a list of songs about London, but also about relationships with people that are in London. There are songs about being in London but missing loved ones and being homesick. There are songs about missing someone who is in London. There are songs about not wanting to go to London. There are songs about moving to London.

  1. Folk Rock – The Waifs – London Still
    This song seems to be a heartfelt phone conversation from London to a loved one back home in Australia. The singer misses her loved ones and is dreaming of home.
  2. Alternative Rock – Eskimo Joe – London Bombs
    This song seems to symbolize the concern felt for a loved one in London at the time of the London Bombings. The singer is far away. All he can do is wait to hear that everything is ok.
  3. Indie Rock – The National – England
    To me, this song is about a relationship in which two people have slowly drifted away. Instead of dealing with the problem, the girl has left. She is now “somewhere in London”. The singer is trying to deal with the end of this relationship.
  4. Alternative Rock – Third Eye Blind – London
    This song seems to be about a long distance relationship that is not going well. The girl described here is not treating the singer well. But the singer is also quite jealous of other boys she has been seeing and perhaps quick to run to conclusions. One thing is for sure, the singer is quite adamant he does not want to go to London to live.
  5. Heavy Metal – Anthrax – London
    This is a cover of the Smiths’ original. The Smiths were from Manchester and moved to London at the beginning of their career. This song could be interpreted as a story of this time in their lives.
  6. Alternative Rock – They Might Be Giants – London
    This is a fun and upbeat song as I have come to expect from this great band.
  7. UK Garage – Jamie T – Sheila
    This is really a song about a girl called Sheila, going out, partying, as well as screaming out ‘London’ at the top of your voice.
  8. Alternative Dance – Crystal Fighters – I Love London
    This is a great upbeat song about loving London. It is sure to get anyone dancing.

Instrumental Pieces written about London:

  • James Newton Howard – London (This song featured in the movie Blood Diamond)
  • Electronic Dance Music – The Crystal Method – London

10 Alternative Songs About Being Lonely

Here are some great alternative songs about being lonely, feeling lonely in a relationship or overcoming loneliness. This list is for the times you are not feeling your best and need some songs to help you through.

  1. Alternative Rock – Ball Park Music – Sad Rude Future Dude
    Despite it’s cheerful melody, this song is quite sad. The singer seems quite lonely. He doesn’t like talking to his family. He hasn’t had a friend in years. He doesn’t know where it went, but all his love is gone.
  2. Alternative Metal – HIM – Killing Loneliness
    This song, as the name suggests, is about overcoming loneliness with the help of a friend. It was written for a friend of the band who had overcome a drug addiction.
  3. Alternative Rock – Idlewild – Love Steals Us From Loneliness
    To me, this song is about being in a relationship that causes you to be even lonelier than you would be on your own. It is about the sort of relationship where you grow apart from close friends so you can spend more time with this person, when really this is making you unhappy.
  4. Indie Rock – Glasvegas – A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)
    This song talks about feeling extremely lost and alone, then taking pleasure in nature’s wonders and forgetting one’s troubles at least for a while.
  5. Pop Punk – Millencolin – The Ballad
    This is a typical story of an unpopular boy at highschool. He doesn’t get selected for the game. He has no date for the prom. No one really knows who he is or what he’s going through.
  6. Alternative Rock – Ben Harper – Another Lonely Day
    After a painful break up, the singer finds himself alone. He admits that it wouldn’t have worked out anyway, or that it may work later, under different circumstances. But right now, it’s just another lonely day.
  7. Alternative Rock – Radiohead – Creep
    If you’re looking for a sad song about not getting the girl or feeling like you don’t belong, you cannot go past this classic.
  8. Alternative Metal – System of A Down – Lonely Day
    This is a sad song about the most loneliest day of one’s life. It’s melancholic, soft style is not what I would typically expect from system of a down.
  9. Indie Rock – Philadelphia Grand Jury – Going To The Casino (Tomorrow Night)
    This could easily be a happy song about going out. However, a fair way into the song, the singer admits: “And then it hits me that there’s no one in love with me”.
  10. Garage Rock – Black Keys – Lonely Boy
    The lyrics of this song do not match the happy melody. This song tells the story of a boy who is in love with a girl. However, she does not treat him nicely and breaks his heart.

9 Alternative 4th of July Songs

Alternative music is all about being independent. So what better way to usher in the 4th of July than with a list of indie songs about Independence Day? In true indie style, these alternative 4th of July songs range from the patriotic through to the critical all the way through to love songs. You won’t find Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind or the Bruce Springsteen’s Land of Hopes and Dreams on this list. This list of alternative 4th of July songs is all about jangly guitars and indie angst.

    1. 4th of July by Ani DiFranco:
      a story of hope against all odds, this 1993 release describes the life of a small boy who will turn seven on the 4th of July.
    2. 4th of July by Soundgarden:
      this 1994 song by the popular grunge band Soundgarden describes how the spark and fire of the situation around him reminds him of the celebrations of the 4th of July.
    3. 4th of July by Galaxie 500:
      this song describes the way in which the annual 4th of July celebrations make him reflect on his life and his place in the country.
    4. 4th of July by Aimee Mann:
      this 1993 song touches on the songwriter’s thoughts about how the world has become a harsher, colder place, and how each 4th of July makes her reflect on these changes.
    5. 4th of July by U2:
      If your vocal cords are on the wane after all that singing, then this 1984 instrumental track might be for you. Hailing from Ireland, U2 may be an odd choice to celebrate an American holiday, but they do know a thing or two about Independence.
    6. Fourth of July by X:
      This 1997 recording describes the singer’s struggle with his partner against the backdrop of the 4th of July. In it, independence meets loneliness.
    7. Independence Day by Elliott Smith:
      the singer describes a world of bright ideals and hopes – and hopes that they won’t be cut short.
    8. 4th of July by Azure Ray:
      The singer describes how he fell for the girl of his dreams on the 4th of July, and how he’ll never forget that fateful day.
    9. Peaceful World by John Mellencamp:
      on the quieter side of the indie spectrum, this 2001 Mellencamp song became an anthem of sorts in the wake of the September 11 bombings.

What type of music sparks your spirit on Independence Day? If you have a favorite, let our readers know by leaving a comment.

16 Songs About Superman or Having Super Powers

It is possible there are more songs about superman around than songs about any other topic. It would be all but impossible to compile a complete list, especially as their topics are so broad. There are many about being a superman with the ladies, such as:

  • Reggae – Tarrus Riley – Superman
  • R & B – Chico dibarge – Superman
  • Rock – Bon Jovi – Superman Tonight

There is also quite a few about not being superman, such as:

  • Alternative Rock – Lazlo Bane – Superman
  • Rock – Dave Matthews Band – Where Are You Going?
  • Country – Willie Nelson – Superman

But here is a list of songs about superman, what it must be like to be superman, or just about having special powers:

  1. Pop Punk – Greenday – Superman
    This song could have a number of interpretations. At the start of the song the singer is feeling like life could be better. Towards the end, the lyrics “i feel just like superman” are repeated numerous times.
  2. Alternative Rock – REM – I am superman
    The singer in this song believes he is superman. Therefore he can do anything. There is also a sadder part to this song where, despite being superman, the singer is not with the girl he loves.
  3. Filk – Ookla the Mok – Super Powers
    This is the story of becoming a super hero due to being bitten by a radioactive bug. The adventure that follows is complete with wizards, aliens, flying, radioactive isotope and gamma rays.
  4. Post Grunge – Bush – Superman
    The singer in this song wonders where superman has gone.
  5. Alternative Rock – Sister Hazel – Superman
    Different people in different situations are waiting for a hero, waiting for superman.
  6. Crash Test Dummies – Superman
    This song tells the world how great a guy superman really was. For one thing, his whole planet crumbled but superman forced himself to keep going.
  7. Rock – The Kinks – (I wish I could Fly Like) Superman
    This is a song about wishing to be fitter, better, being able to fly and just generally being more like superman. There are so many problems in the world and it is too hard to solve them without special powers.
  8. Alternative Rock – Flaming lips – Waiting For Superman
    This song seems to say that even superman can’t do everything. It seems that instead of waiting for superman to come and save us, we should do more to help ourselves.
  9. Hard Rock – 3 doors down – Kryptonite
    This is more a song about friendship or continuing to be there for someone. The superman reference is to portray the sort of friend the singer has been in this song.
  10. Electronic Rock – The Big Pink – Hit the Ground (Superman)
    The lyrics of this song are quite abstract. To me, the song almost seems to describe free falling through clouds, towards the ground, either literally or metaphorically. As the singer doesn’t want to hit the ground, he is calling for superman.

12 Mother’s Day Songs For Alternative Music Fans

Compiling a list of mother’s day songs for alternative music fans has been no easy task. To be honest, I was looking for songs that show gratitude and appreciation for mom, but do also rock. There may be hundreds of songs about mothers out there. However, once you exclude ‘easy listening’ or songs that focus on why mom’s aren’t so great, or how great other people’s moms are, you are left with some songs about mothers that are … not rated ‘G’, for example:

  • Comedy – Lonely Island – Mother Lover
  • Pop Punk – Blink 182 – Mother’s Day
  • Comedy – Adam Sandler – Oh Mom

As well as some instrumentals:

  • Ambient – Moby – Love Song For My Mom
  • Violin Solo – Blue October’s Ryan Delahoussaye – For My Mother
  • Instrumental Rock – Buckethead – For Mom

Mother's day

But most importantly, this list:

  1. Alternative Rock – Loon Lake – In The Summer
    Finding the complete lyrics for this song anywhere is quite a challenge and it is hard to be sure of the meaning behind it. But it is such a feel-good song, the chorus of which is perfect for telling a mother how much she means to you.
  2. Alternative Rock – Good Charlotte – Thank You Mom
    This is a wonderful song to tell your mom you love her and let her know how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. It is better suited to single mothers as in parts the lyrics describe a mother who had to do it all by herself.
  3. Punk Rock – One Dollar Short – Unsung Hero
    This is a song about having an unsung hero, the sort of hero that taught you how to tie your shoelaces. This is the sort of hero who was there for you when you broke up with someone special, and the sort of hero that watched you grow from a boy into a man.
  4. Rock – The Frames – God Bless Mum
    It is said Glen Hansard wrote this song as a tribute to his mother. Quite often, when playing live shows, he dedicates it to her.
  5. Punk Rock – Brassknuckle Boys – For You Mom
    As the lyrics of this classic punk rock song state, the artist has written this song for his mom, and for everything that he has put her through. He remembers how hard times were when he was young and his dad left. But he knows both himself and his mom are ok now.
  6. Hip Hop – Kanye West – Hey Mama
    This is an incredibly sweet song (especially for Kanye West) highlighting how great mom is. The mom described in this song looked after her son when she was sick, worked hard to keep the money coming in, got training wheels for her son’s first bike, and so on.

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Happy Alternative Songs of 2010

Here are some of the best happy alternative songs of 2010. These were carefully chosen from the list of triple j’s hottest 100 for the same year, as hundreds of thousands of alternative music fans can’t be wrong. They are songs about embracing life’s opportunities, accepting mistakes, moving on, having fun, holding your head up high and sticking up for yourself, … and riding your bike.

  1. Post Rock – Jonsi Birgisson – Go Do
    Not only is the unique melody of this song highly uplifting, but the lyrics are too. They invite a listener to go and make the most of life and explore endless possibilities.
  2. Alternative Rock – The Naked And Famous – Young Blood
    To me, this song is about accepting that mistakes are sometimes made in love. Rather than dwell on these too much, one should be open to moving on.
  3. Alternative Rock – Gyroscope – Baby, I’m Getting Better
    This song can be related to coming out of a period of distress, depression or sadness and starting to enjoy life once again.
  4. Indie Rock – Vampire Weekend – Giving Up The Gun
    It is said this song was inspired by a book with the same name. The book is about a time in Japan’s history where all trade was closed off, foreigners expelled, and the country reverted to using old technologies. It is interesting to imagine whether today’s world could revert back to older technologies.
  5. Dance-Pop – Sia – Bring Night
    In fact, any song from Sia’s ‘We Are Born’ is quite up-beat, for example songs like ‘Clap Your Hands’ or ‘The Fight’. But ‘Bring Night’ is my personal favorite. She has such an amazing voice. She has more talent than other musicians which are receiving much more attention.
  6. Experimental Rock – Yeasayer – Ambling Alp
    With lyrics such as “Your lows will have their complement of highs”, this is a great song about sticking up for yourself and keeping your head up. It has even been named a ‘self help anthem’.
  7. Mark Ronson & The Business International {Ft. Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock} – The Bike Song
    This fun cruisy tune brings to mind images of riding a bike on a warm, sunny day. But the lyrics are not as happy as one might first think. While the singer is riding his bike, he is thinking of many things. For example, he is thinking of all the things he has done this week and all the things he should have done instead.

Alternative Break Up Songs Of 2010

This list of alternative break up songs has been chosen from triple j’s hottest 100 of 2010. For those that are unfamiliar with the hottest 100, it is compiled every year by radio station triple j after receiving hundreds of thousands of votes from alternative music fans.

  1. Alternative Rock – Birds of Tokyo – Plans
    The song starts with the singer recalling meeting someone and making plans together to kiss the sun at night. Overall, it could be interpreted in many ways. But, to me, with lyrics such as “You know this don’t feel right” and “Don’t forget me or who you are”, this song is about the end of a relationship and saying goodbye. There is confusion about feelings and a desire to keep true to oneself.
  2. Hip Hop Soul – Cee Lo Green – F U!
    Anyone who has had their girl run off with someone else may be able to relate to this song. The lyrics contain many things you may like to say in such a situation. Despite all this, it is an up-beat song that can get you moving on.
  3. Electronic – Crystal Castles – Not In Love
    They were lovers, now they can’t be friends. This is a great song for convincing yourself you are no longer in love. I personally prefer the version featuring Robert Smith.
  4. Experimental Rock – Yeasayer – ONE
    It has been said this song is about giving up alcohol or another addiction. (The letters in the title are said to stand for One’s Not Enough). However, with lyrics such as “I can’t have you anymore” and “Hold me like you used to”, this could be an addiction to an ex.
  5. Indie Rock – The National – Anyone’s Ghost
    One interpretation of this song is a relationship where the girl has started to disengage, or distance herself. She is lying about what she is doing and avoiding him. This is not the sort of relationship he wants to have, he doesn’t want to be “anyone’s ghost”.
  6. Indie Pop – The Jezabels – Easy To Love
    In this song, the singer seems to be describing seeing her ex after a recent painful break up. She can barely stand to see how he has grown.
  7. Alternative Rock – Dead Letter Circus – One Step Away
    With lyrics such as “I hate when you come around” and “Say that you’re gonna go”, to me, this song is about a relationship becoming unbearable because of too much compromise. Complete with that unmistakeable, powerful and addictive DLC sound, this song had me screaming to the top of my lungs.

Songs About Life That Are Up-Beat and Happy | Alternative Songs

Here is a list of songs about life. All these songs are up-beat and positive, pointing out how precious and wonderful life can be. They are songs that would could get anyone motivated to make the most of every moment. These are not mainstream songs and I would consider all artists to be inspirational musicians.

  1. Psychedelic Pop – Polyphonic Spree Section 9 (Light & Day/Reach For The Sun)
    There is a positive message to be taken from this song: “Follow the Day and Reach for the Sun”.
  2. Pop Punk – Good Charlotte – Standing Ovation
    The chorus invites the listener to make the most of every breath, the most of every second of every day.
  3. Alternative Rock – Foo Fighters – Ain’t It The Life
    Dave Grohl wrote this song after leaving Los Angeles upon the completion of “There Is Nothing Left To Lose” and moving back home to Alexandria, Virginia. He was quite fed up with L.A, so the song could be interpreted as his description of L.A life. But, in my opinion, the chorus lyrics (“ain’t it the life, just sail on by”) really reflect how much the band enjoyed this period of being back home.
  4. Electronica – Lamb – Small
    This song contemplates one’s life in relation to the wonders of the world and the universe. If you put it in perspective, one single person is so small. This makes the singer feel incredibly free.
  5. Alternative Rock – Gyroscope – Baby I’m Getting Better
    This up-beat song seems to reflect coming out of a difficult or sad period and starting to enjoy life again.
  6. Alternative Rock – Paramore – Looking Up
    As the title suggests, this is another song about coming out on top after a difficult time in life. It tells a story of a band that were not going well and were going to quit. But they stuck with it for that little bit longer. And now they have made it, they are so glad they did.
  7. Pop Rock – Jason Mraz – Wonderful Life
    A beautiful, slow, up-beat song contemplating pointing out some clear truths about life. For example, my favourite is “it takes no time to fall in love, but it takes years to know what love is”.
  8. Soft Rock – Five For Fighting – 100 Years
    This piano based rock song is a collection of the singer’s feelings, thoughts and concerns at different ages in his life. The chorus highlights how good it is to be 15, how you still have time for you. You have your whole life ahead of you.

Alternative Break Up Songs

    Here is a list of alternative break up songs, some of which are unique in the way they have captured the artists’ own experiences and feelings at the time. There are songs about not wanting to let go, feeling alone and sad. There are songs about realizing that this is for the best. There are songs about wondering where things went wrong. There are songs about being the only one left in a house that was shared with a loved one. There are songs about realizing how different your partner is from what you first thought.

  1. Alternative Rock – Jimmy Eat World – The World You Love
    This song could be interpreted many ways. The very first few lines could be the very opening lines of a break up conversation.
  2. Alternative Rock – Smashing Pumpkins – Thirty Three
    It is said that Billy Corgan wrote this song about his divorce and the pain of this difficult time.
  3. Indie Pop – Kate Nash – Foundations
    An upbeat song despite the difficulty is describes. It is about finding it really hard to let go of a relationship that is not working.
  4. Alternative Rock – Garbage – Cup Of Coffee
    The feelings of hurt Shirley Manson sings about in this song seem to have created quite a unique, more mellow, Garbage sound.
  5. Alternative Rock – Muse – Falling Away With You
    This song describes a relationship that is ending. You can really feel the singer’s “world crumbling away”.
  6. Alternative Rock – The Strokes – Someday
    This song is about being with someone who is not right for you, realizing this and moving on.
  7. Alternative Rock – Diana Anaid – Perfect Family
    This song describes memories of a great relationship with great plans for the future. Somewhere along the line, things went wrong and now the singer is left cleaning up the mess and wondering where things went wrong.
  8. Australian Punk Rock – One Dollar Short – Is this the part?
    This song is an apology for a fight that had happened the night before. The singer is wondering what he may have done to make his partner so mad and if this is the end of the relationship.
  9. Alternative Indie – Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek
    This song can have various interpretations. But it is hard to look at lyrics such as “Oil marks appear on walls where pleasure moments hung before” and not come to the conclusion one person is moving out while another remains in a home that once held such warmness but now feels cold and unwelcoming.
  10. Piano Rock – Ben Folds – You Don’t Know Me
    This song can be interpreted to be about a couple that realized they never really understood each other completely.

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What Are Some Songs About Robots?

Why make a list of songs about robots? Well, the real question here is: Why Not? I mean, how do we know robots don’t have feelings?

  1. Alternative Rock – Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
    This song is about a robot, Robot 3021. This robot is supposed to kill Yoshimi. However, he cannot as he is in love with her.
  2. Australian Punk Rock – One Dollar Short – Robot
    The story of a lonely robot tin man. All he wanted was the touch of a human hand.
  3. Alternative Rock – They Might Be Giants – Robot Parade
    If you’re looking for a song that sounds as though it was sung by robots, look no further.
  4. Alternative Rock – Radiohead – Paranoid Android
    The title of the song orginiates from the character Marvin, the Paranoid Android, from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.
  5. House – Daft Punk – Robot Rock
    Not really a lot of lyrics in this song. In fact, I can sum up the lyrics right here: “Rock, Robot Rock!”. Daft Punk haven’t ventured too far from their familiar electronic sounds with this piece.
  6. Rock – Styx – Mr Roboto
    This song was featured in the rock opera ‘Kilroy was Here’ created by the band. Rock Opera is a great way to describe what the song sounds like. The Roboto is a
    machine which does menial jobs in the prison depicted in this opera. The main star later escapes this prison by hiding in the metal shell of this robot.
  7. Alternative Rock – Nada Surf – Robot
    The sounds of this song cannot be more distant with any sounds associated with robots. The lyrics are less about robots and more about comparing to a robot, a man who has done terrible things . For example, “You’re just a robot, executing a program, an imitation of a man”.