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8 Alternative Songs About London and Relationships

Here is a list of songs about London, but also about relationships with people that are in London. There are songs about being in London but missing loved ones and being homesick. There are songs about missing someone who is in London. There are songs about not wanting to go to London. There are songs about moving to London.

  1. Folk Rock – The Waifs – London Still
    This song seems to be a heartfelt phone conversation from London to a loved one back home in Australia. The singer misses her loved ones and is dreaming of home.
  2. Alternative Rock – Eskimo Joe – London Bombs
    This song seems to symbolize the concern felt for a loved one in London at the time of the London Bombings. The singer is far away. All he can do is wait to hear that everything is ok.
  3. Indie Rock – The National – England
    To me, this song is about a relationship in which two people have slowly drifted away. Instead of dealing with the problem, the girl has left. She is now “somewhere in London”. The singer is trying to deal with the end of this relationship.
  4. Alternative Rock – Third Eye Blind – London
    This song seems to be about a long distance relationship that is not going well. The girl described here is not treating the singer well. But the singer is also quite jealous of other boys she has been seeing and perhaps quick to run to conclusions. One thing is for sure, the singer is quite adamant he does not want to go to London to live.
  5. Heavy Metal – Anthrax – London
    This is a cover of the Smiths’ original. The Smiths were from Manchester and moved to London at the beginning of their career. This song could be interpreted as a story of this time in their lives.
  6. Alternative Rock – They Might Be Giants – London
    This is a fun and upbeat song as I have come to expect from this great band.
  7. UK Garage – Jamie T – Sheila
    This is really a song about a girl called Sheila, going out, partying, as well as screaming out ‘London’ at the top of your voice.
  8. Alternative Dance – Crystal Fighters – I Love London
    This is a great upbeat song about loving London. It is sure to get anyone dancing.

Instrumental Pieces written about London:

  • James Newton Howard – London (This song featured in the movie Blood Diamond)
  • Electronic Dance Music – The Crystal Method – London