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8 Father’s Day Songs for Country Music Fans

Here is a list of father’s day songs perfect for country music fans. Maybe it’s just me, but a few of these songs brought many tears to my eyes. In their individual way, all these songs serve as a ‘Thankyou’ to fathers (or step fathers).

  1. Country – Nancy Hays – Dad
    There ain’t no one in the world just like dad. Even when he wasn’t feeling well, he’d never show it. His main concern was helping his daughter.
  2. Folk – Arranmore – Dad
    The singer wishes he had said ‘I love you’ to his dad. He also wishes he was a little more like his father. Even in his teens, when the singer thought his father wouldn’t understand, he was always surprised. This father was always there for his son.
  3. Country – Brad Paisley – He Didn’t Have To Be
    This is the sweetest song I have heard yet celebrating a step father. The singer’s mother found it hard dating when he was little. But the ‘man [the singer] calls his dad’ did not run. The singer hopes he will one day be half the dad that his step-father didn’t have to be.
  4. Country – Chris Young – He’s My Dad
    Preview this song
    A touching song about looking up to one’s step dad, the man who has taught his son what it means to be a man and brought so much love into a boy’s life.
  5. Country – Rodney Atkins – Watching You
    This song is sung mostly from the dad’s perspective. He is amazed at some of the things his little son has learned to do. He then realizes his son has learned all these things from him. The chorus explains from the son’s perspective how much he wants to be just like his dad. He wants to wear cowboy boots and grow up tall and be his dad’s buckaroo.
  6. Country – Johnny Reid – Thankyou
    This is a song of thanks for a life time of sharing love, happiness and support.
  7. Country – George Strait – A Father’s Love
    This song looks back to childhood memories to explain a father’s love. No matter what trouble a son gets into, a dad’s love is a love without end.
  8. Country – Paul Overstreet – Seein’ My Father In Me
    A man (who now has children of his own) is happy to realize how much like his own father he is becoming. He now understands his own dad’s point of view as he recalls disagreements of years past.

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Country Break Up Songs For Girls

Here is a list of country break up songs especially for girls. These songs have managed to perfectly capture various feelings associated with this difficult time of facing the end of a relationship. Some songs express bitter sadness, other songs express tremendous anger. There are also the songs that accept this decision as “for the best” and look forward to moving on.

  1. Country Pop – Taylor Swift – You’re Not Sorry
    The girl singing this song seems to be through with taking lame excuses. She can see that her guy is not really sorry. She doesn’t want him to call anymore.
  2. Country – Reba McEntire – Somebody Should Leave
    This song describe a relationship which in which “the love is quietly dying”. It becomes apparent that somebody should leave. However, it is not as simple as that. Who would get to stay with the children?
  3. Country Pop – Faith Hill – It Matters To Me
    The singer in this song is doubting whether her relationship even matters to the other person. They don’t talk, they don’t touch… are they even in love?
  4. Country – Patsy Cline – I Fall To Pieces
    The singer feels like she falls to pieces each time she hears his name. She is having trouble moving on. She wonders: “How can I be just your friend?”
  5. Country – Lean Rimes – Big Deal
    In this song, the singer has been through a break up. Now, a close friend is going out with her ex. The friend is truly rubbing it in about how great this guy is. The singer may be questioning her decision, but she is certainly irritated by her friend.
  6. Country – Joe Dee Messina – Bye Bye
    In this song, the singer has had enough. She has tried too make it work but to no avail. Now she is moving on and she feels quite enthusiastic about the future. She is never looking back.
  7. Country Rock – Miranda Lambert – Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    This is a great angry song for any girl who has had a boyfriend run off with someone else. This song tells a story of an angry young lady out for a drink; she is finding it quite hard to watch this new woman getting close to her ex.
  8. Lee Ann Womack – A Little Past Little Rock
    Everything in this singer’s town reminds her of her ex. She feels like she needs to get out. This song describes the singer’s journey away from Dallas as well as her attempt to get over the ex.

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Country Songs For Mothers

This list of country songs for mothers was carefully chosen so as to best represent sentiments of gratitude and love towards mothers. When writing these songs, all artists thought the world of mothers and hoped to let them know just how special they are.

  1. Country – Taylor Swift – The Best Day
    It is so refreshing to find such a sweet song about loving your mom and reminiscing about all the times she has looked after you or made you feel better.
  2. Country – Kasey Chambers – Mother
    This song is a conversation between mother and daughter. They talk of memories and times long ago. The daughter sometimes wondered if her mother was an angel. My favorite line in the song is “light a room with the lines on your face”. I believe it is a wonderful way for the singer to convey how special and universally loved her mother is.
  3. Country – Terri Clark – Good Mother
    This song is a Jann Arden original, but this is a brilliant cover. The singer feels lucky and grateful for all that she has. She feels a lot of credit is due to her mother for all of it.
  4. Country – Holly Williams – Mama
    This song is about a strong mother who, despite hardship the family was experiencing, always made her children feel like everything was alright. The relationship between mother and father may have been falling appart, but she never allowed her pain to fill her children’s heart with hate.
  5. Country – Randy Travis – Angels
    This song is about a chat between some friends. They are discussing many things, amongst which whether angels do or don’t exist. The conclusion? Well of course they do! “Just look in your mother’s eyes!”.
  6. Country – Jamie O’Neal – Somebody’s Hero
    Most mothers are not out pulling people from burning buildings. They are not out performing in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, they haven’t made it to the moon and back, but they are still heroes as they do so much more.
  7. Country – Lonestar – Mr Mom
    This song is hilarious and touching at the same time. Dad had lost his job and mom decides to go to work while dad finds another job. Dad is so excited. He could stay home, watch tv and take long naps. Boy, was he wrong! He barely makes it through the first day. It is a song of thanks to moms for all their hard work for they are truly amazing.

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Best Songs About Brothers

Here is a list of songs about brothers. These songs are mostly about losing a brother and the sadness associated with this. There are also songs about making amends with brothers, fighting with brothers or songs that simply make mention to brothers.

Alternative Songs About Brothers


  1. Rock – Brother – Alice In Chains
    This song was written by Jerry Cantrell in an attempt to make amends with his younger brother as they were not always very close growing up.
  2. Hard Rock – Brother – Pearl Jam To me, this song is written for brothers who have not always got along. It paints a picture of tension and anger.
  3. Electronica & Dance – Chemical Brothers – Leave Home
    This song was not necessarily written about brothers, but if you’re simply looking for a song with lyrics that make reference to brothers, look no further! “The brother’s gonna work it out”.
  4. Hard Rock – Dark New Day – Brother
    This is a heartfelt song about brothers. Especially, it is about missing your brother and wondering when he will be back.
  5. Indie Rock – Little Birdy – Brother The lyrics of this song are quite abstract, but the singer does mention the fact her ‘brother taught her how to fly’. This song features Paul Kelly on backing vocals and harmonica.
  6. Trip-Hop – Archive – Brother
    With a mellower sound than the others, this is perhaps the saddest song about losing a brother that I have come across so far. It was certainly enough to bring a tear to my eye.
  7. Baroque Pop – Rufus Wainwright – He ain’t heavy he’s my brother
    Many versions of this song have been released over the years, with it’s earliest recording made by Neil Diamond in his 1970 album. The Rufus Wainwright version is my personal favorite.
  8. Country Songs About Brothers

  9. Country – Heather Davis – Brother’s Song

    This is a sad song about losing a big brother, remembering childhood memories and saying goodbye.
  10. Country – Dean Brody – Brothers
    This song is about a brother who left to fight in the war It is about missing your brother, wishing him the best and wanting him to come home safely.
  11. Indie – Matt Corby – Brother
    An absolutely beautiful song which is better enjoyed for Matt Corby’s amazing vocals than it’s mysterious lyrics. It is said the song is a reflection on a falling out the singer had with a very close friend, a very dark period in his life. But as the lyrics say, “Somebody call out to your brother, he’s calling out your name!”.