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11 Different Songs About Daughters – A song for every situation

Here is a list of songs about daughters for any occasion. Whether they tell a story about falling in love with someone’s daughter, describe the broken relationship between a father and daughter, or describe a father’s emotions when seeing his daughter all grown up and getting married, these songs are all great in their own way.


Country Songs About Daughters

  1. Country – Chuck Wicks – Stealing Cinderella
    I am yet to find a better suited wedding father daughter dance song. Perhaps it’s due to the fact I have recently had my wedding, but this song brought several tears to my eyes. It is about a man realising that to his girlfriend’s dad, she will always be playing cinderella or riding her first bike. She will always be her little girl.
  2. Country – Rodney Atkins – Farmers Daughter
    A sweet, sweet song about getting some work at a farm, finding it hard, then meeting the farmer’s daughter, falling in love, getting married and living happily ever after.

Alternative Rock Songs About Daughters

  1. Alternative Rock – Pearl Jam – Daughter
    The meaning of this song is quite abstract and left to the interpreter. It is said to be about the abuse of a daughter by her mother due to it’s references to violence. Some have also made connections to this song being about dyslexia due to references made about hardship of understanding reading. Taken literally, the chorus is perfect for a daughter who does not wish to be called a daughter. Overall, great, classic nineties song.
  2. Folk – Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter
    Rumor has it, the blower in this case refers to the telephone. Prior to his music career, the singer used to work in a call center. As part of his job, he had one day made a call for a man who wasn’t home. The man’s daughter answered the phone and he was immediately captivated by her voice. If you’re interested, here is the whole story. Either way, this is yet another beautiful song about falling in love with someone’s daughter.
  3. Alternative Metal – Pop Evil – Boss’ daughter
    This song about falling in love with the boss’ daughter cannot be described as sweet and neither can the girl the song describes. The girl would rather be described as strong, confident and sexy. And the song can better be described as “in your face”.
  4. Punk Rock – Greenday – The Judge’s Daughter
    With a typical Greenday sound, this song is a description of a man who has a crush on a judge’s daughter.
  5. Glam Metal – Black Veil Brides – The Mortician’s Daughter
    A beautiful, slow love song. It is rumored to be written for a band member’s actual girlfriend, whose dad is a mortician.
  6. Heavy Metal – Iron Maiden – Bring your daughter to the slaughter
    The message in this song is clear: “bring your daughter to the slaughter!” .. or don’t. Ok, so the message is not clear, that is just the chorus. But to me this song is about trying to keep your daughter too sheltered from the rest of the world even though you can see it’s not working and this is only creating more distance in your relationship.

Old Songs About Daughters

  1. Soft Rock – Bread – Daughter
    A sweet old song providing advice to a daughter about holding on, not giving her love to the first man to come her way, but waiting for real love instead.

Pop Songs About Daughters

  1. Pop – Demi Lovato – For The Love of a Daughter
    The singer describes a broken relationship with her father. He pleads with him to change for the love of his daughter. I had not heard much of Demi Lovato before hearing this song, but I must admit, I totally fell in love with the vocals.
  2. Hip Hop – Eminem – My Dad’s Gone Crazy
    The chorus features Eminem’s daughter exclaiming that she thinks he has gone crazy. Apart from this, this song is more about Eminem’s general feelings on some unrelated stuff.

Songs About Missing Dad

Here are some of the best ever songs about missing dad. Our fathers hold a place in our hearts like nobody else, and when they’re gone, whatever the reason, their absence leaves an enormous hole. Songs that have been written about fathers who are gone run the gamut from songs of praise to songs of regret, and whatever the overall theme of the lyrics, they are always touching and emotional. Fathers evoke universal feelings, so songs about them are written and sung by artists of all ages, genders and musical genres.

Pop Songs About Missing Dad

  1. Pop – Lindsay Lohan – Confessions of a Broken Heart
    The travails of Lilo’s broken relationship with her father are well known to any who follow celebrity culture. This song is an anthem to her disappointment and heartache about their strife-filled relationship, as well as her longing for a loving bond with her dad.
  2. Pop – Barbra Streisand – Papa Can You Hear Me?
    This melancholy song was made popular by the movie Yentl. The movie has a religious theme, and the song has a tone similar to a prayer in which the singer speaks to her long-dead father in Heaven, detailing how alone she feels without him and asking whether he is watching over her.

Country Songs About Missing Dad

  1. Country – John Michael Montgomery – I Miss You a Little
    A lovely song that rings true to anybody who has lost someone they loved very much, the singer talks about how little things are constantly cropping up and reminding him of his father, and how he misses him more with every passing day.
  2. Country – Keith Urban – Song For Dad
    The singer notices how much he reminds himself of his dad. He remembers how much his dad loved him. When the singer feels alone, he remembers his dad saying “Son, you’ll be alright”.
  3. Country – The Statler Brothers – Daddy
    An old song reflecting on one’s father. This father was a simple man, but he was loved like a king.

Rock Songs About Missing Dad

  1. Blues Rock – Eric Clapton – My Father’s Eyes
    This poignant song was written after the tragic death of Clapton’s young son. Though Clapton wrote the song Tears in Heaven about the loss of the boy, he also wrote this song which combines his longing for his son with the absence of his own father when he was growing up, and how he realizes that though he long missed his father, it was only after his son’s death that he realized that every time he had looked into the eyes of his son, he had seen his own father’s eyes.

R&B Songs about Missing Dad

  1. R&B – Luther Vandross – Dance With My Father
    A beautiful and soulful ballad, the song tells of a grown man’s happy childhood memories of playing and dancing with his father, of the tremendous loss that he and everybody in his family feels now that he is gone, and how he wishes that he could dance with his father again.

So there you have it, my list of best songs about missing dad. Thanks for reading and I hope you have found it useful.

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6 Great Songs about Adoption

Here are some remarkable songs about adoption in which the lyrics somehow manage to capture all of the incredible emotions that come when you welcome an adopted child into your world. Whether you are a single mom or dad who has long awaited a child of your own or part of a large family that has decided to share all the love you have to give, when you finally have the child you have wished and waited for, you want to sing about it to the world.

  1. Amy Grant – Baby Baby
    This song is an anthem of love that is perfect for any child, whether born of your blood or brought to your heart. It speaks to how happy the singer is that the child is theirs, and how they will love them forever and ever.
  2. Pop – Elton John – Blessed
    This song was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin in 1995, more than a decade before Elton actually did adopt a child of his own. The song speaks to the longing and hopes that every adoptive parent has, and how they love the child long before they ever arrive.
  3. Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You
    Although this song could just as easily be used as a love song from one adult to another, the words are perfect to describe the emotions that revolve around an adopted child. The lyrics speak to how the object of the song has been wished for and dreamed of for the author’s entire life.
  4. Pop – Phil Collins – Two Worlds
    The music from the soundtrack of Tarzan is enough to bring tears to the eyes of any parent whether biological or adoptive, but this song is particularly poignant for a parent of choice. It talks about the meshing of two worlds to make a single family, and the sacrifices that one mother makes, with one heart broken and another full of hope for the future.
  5. Pop – Christina Perri – A Thousand Years
    This song sums up beautifully the longing and waiting, the fear and fulfillment of adoption. It speaks directly to the anxiety and pain of waiting, and how long the love that you have for your child will last.
  6. Pop – Michael Buble – Haven’t Met you Yet
    This bouncy, upbeat song is generally viewed as nothing but a piece of pop, but heard from the standpoint of a parent waiting for the child that they have longed for, it is a piece of pure fun, a promise to a child that is still waiting in the wings and will be loved infinitely.

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8 Popular Songs About Sons

This list of songs about sons is quite varied. There are songs about passing on advice from father to son. There are songs about missing your son and not being able to see him due to custody problems. There are songs about feelings felt on the day one’s son is born. Various acts such as Cat Stevens, Phil Collins, Mark Schultz, Don Trip are featured.

    1. Country – Brantley Gilbert – A Modern Day Prodigal Son
      As the title suggests, this song is about a prodigal son. It is the son himself telling the story of being allowed to return home, much to his amazement, even after all he had done.
    2. Progressive Rock – Phil Collins – Son Of Man
      This is a great song for providing typical fatherly advice to your son. The point it seems to make is ‘Don’t be in such a rush to grow up’ or ‘be patient’ or ‘enjoy the journey’.
    3. Southern Hip Hop – Don Trip – Letter To My Son
      This song is about a father who desperately wants to see his child more. He gets one hour a week and he feels that’s very unfair. He does not have nice things to say at all about his son’s mother.
    4. CCM – Mark Schultz – He’s My Son
      This song is a father’s prayer for his sick son. In this deeply touching song the father is filled with pain and would do anything to see his son get better.
    5. R & B – Babyface – The Day (That You Gave Me A Son)
      This song encompasses one man’s great feelings on the day his son is born. Such joy he’s never felt, he states. It’s like falling deep in love.
    6. Gospel – Larnelle Harris – You’re My Child
      This song is a collection of kind words from a father to his child. The Father promises to never be far away and states their love is strong enough to reach across the years.
    7. Progressive Rock – Jethro Tull – Son
      It is somewhat hard to tell, but it seems to me the singer and his son have not always had the best relationship. The father is attempting to pass on advice, but he is not sure the advice is well received.
    8. Folk Rock – Cat Stevens – Father And Son
      A wonderful song about passing life experience from father to son. The son feels reluctant to simply accept this advice. He feels like he needs to build his own life, make his own mistakes. Perhaps the best way to do this is to leave.

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9 Great Songs About Dads

Here is a list of songs about dads. This isn’t a particularly positive list. There are songs about abusive dads, songs about dads not being there, or just about general unhappiness with dad.

  1. Alternative Rock – The Samples – Dad
    In this song, the singer seems regretful of the fact his dad was never around when he was growing up. Time has passed and their relationship has become more and more distant. The singer wonders if his dad cares and wonders if his dad is aware of how much his son loves him.
  2. Pop Punk – Goldfinger – Dad
    At the start of this song, the listener could be forgiven for thinking the singer is angry with his dad. But really, despite some problems, the singer wants a better relationship with his dad. He pleads with his dad to never go away again.
  3. Punk Rock – NoMeansNo – Dad
    The lyrics of this song paint a disturbing picture of a violent, angry dad causing much pain and suffering.
  4. Alternative Hip Hop – Gym Class Heroes – Like Father Like Son
    This is one man’s recollection of his childhood. He remembers many things, including watching his dad needing to divide his pay between all his children (the singer’s step brothers and sisters).
  5. Ethel Waters – Oh Daddy
    The distinct sound of the 1920s is perfectly captured in this song. The lyrics encapsulate one girl’s feelings after seeing her dad walk out on her and her mom.
  6. Folk – Horse Feathers – Father
    In this sad, slow song, the singer is really dismayed with his father. He blames his father for his own short-comings.
    To be honest, my french is a little rusty. But I was able to pick up ‘I am vaccinated with sorrow’ and ‘oh daddy you drink too much’.
  8. Australian Rock – Paul Kelly – Going About My Father’s Business
    To me, this song is a story of a father saying goodbye to his sleeping child as he moves out. Just as the singer’s dad left when he was young, so he too is now leaving. In the song, the singer asks for forgiveness and states he hopes to return ‘when the treaty is signed’
  9. Folk Punk – Frank Turner – Father’s Day
    The artist wrote this song about his own father. As a young adult, Frank discovered the truth about his dad. Despite hiding behind appearances of being an upright, traditional, family man, he had been having a long-standing affair with another woman. He had lied to the family for over a decade.

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8 Father’s Day Songs For Alternative Music Fans

Here is a list of father’s day songs especially for alternative music fans. You’d be hard pressed to find any other songs with more heartfelt lyrics thanking fathers in such a beautiful way on their special day.

  1. Alternative Rock – K’s Choice – Dad
    In this song, the singer admits he was not always the perfect kid. Despite never communicating their love for one another, and perhaps not always understanding each other’s point of view, the singer knows that his dad loves him and he loves his dad also.
  2. Garage Pop – Keith John Adams – Dad
    The relationship between this father and son may not be perfect. So really, they are just like any father and son. However, they seemed to have made it through some tough times together, always seeing each other through.
  3. Symphonic Metal – Manowar – Father
    Such a heartfelt and sweet song celebrating one’s father is hard to come by. The lyrics talk about many great things that fathers do. Things like teaching right from wrong or simply being there for his son.
  4. Children’s – Bryant Oden – My Dad
    No list of Father’s Day songs is complete without this gem. It is a boppy children’s song about loving your dad.
  5. Indie Rock – Bright Eyes – Entry Way Song
    The lyrics of this song are filled with beautiful memories of one’s father as well as gratitude and deep respect. The melody is soft but the singer’s voice seems full of sadness.
  6. Folk Rock – Clare Bowditch – Homage To My Dad And The ABC
    The singer recalls memories of her dad from years past. They used to drive alongside the ocean together. He used to love to listen to the ABC. He would ‘take his time’ and say ‘All will be fine’.
  7. Folk Rock – Ben Harper – My Father’s House
    At the start of this song, the singer explains a dream he has had. He was a child, stuck in a cold dark scary forest. He ran until he fell shaking in his father’s arms. I find the second half of the song very sad. The man wakes and remembers various misunderstandings he has had with his dad and how they are no longer close. He tries to make amends but it’s too late.
  8. Rock – Adrian Belew – Oh Daddy
    This old-style, somewhat unusual yet upbeat and fun song is a conversation between a daugther an her dad. She is asking: “when will her dad become successful? When will he play a big gig? When will he buy a cadillac like he’s always wanted?

8 Father’s Day Songs for Country Music Fans

Here is a list of father’s day songs perfect for country music fans. Maybe it’s just me, but a few of these songs brought many tears to my eyes. In their individual way, all these songs serve as a ‘Thankyou’ to fathers (or step fathers).

  1. Country – Nancy Hays – Dad
    There ain’t no one in the world just like dad. Even when he wasn’t feeling well, he’d never show it. His main concern was helping his daughter.
  2. Folk – Arranmore – Dad
    The singer wishes he had said ‘I love you’ to his dad. He also wishes he was a little more like his father. Even in his teens, when the singer thought his father wouldn’t understand, he was always surprised. This father was always there for his son.
  3. Country – Brad Paisley – He Didn’t Have To Be
    This is the sweetest song I have heard yet celebrating a step father. The singer’s mother found it hard dating when he was little. But the ‘man [the singer] calls his dad’ did not run. The singer hopes he will one day be half the dad that his step-father didn’t have to be.
  4. Country – Chris Young – He’s My Dad
    Preview this song
    A touching song about looking up to one’s step dad, the man who has taught his son what it means to be a man and brought so much love into a boy’s life.
  5. Country – Rodney Atkins – Watching You
    This song is sung mostly from the dad’s perspective. He is amazed at some of the things his little son has learned to do. He then realizes his son has learned all these things from him. The chorus explains from the son’s perspective how much he wants to be just like his dad. He wants to wear cowboy boots and grow up tall and be his dad’s buckaroo.
  6. Country – Johnny Reid – Thankyou
    This is a song of thanks for a life time of sharing love, happiness and support.
  7. Country – George Strait – A Father’s Love
    This song looks back to childhood memories to explain a father’s love. No matter what trouble a son gets into, a dad’s love is a love without end.
  8. Country – Paul Overstreet – Seein’ My Father In Me
    A man (who now has children of his own) is happy to realize how much like his own father he is becoming. He now understands his own dad’s point of view as he recalls disagreements of years past.

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Pop Songs About Sisters

Here is a list of songs about sisters. There are songs to express the sadness of missing a sister. There are songs about asking forgiveness from a sister. There are also fun songs describing the special sisterly bond, as well as songs about not messing with one’s little sister and treating her right.

  1. Dark Cabaret – Antony & the Johnsons – You Are My Sister
    With the voice of an angel, the singer recalls memories of his sister, and how she was there when he was scared of the dark. The singer also states his love for his sister and wishes her the best.
  2. Rock – The Nixons – Sister
    This is a deeply touching song about missing your very special sister and seeing her live on one’s memories.
  3. Alternative Folk – Michelle Shocked – My Little Sister
    This song serves a warning to not mess with one’s little sister.
  4. Surf Rock – Beach Boys – Don’t Hurt My Little Sister
    This classic Beach Boys song can be interpreted as a conversation between two male friends. One of them is interested in the other one’s little sister. The older brother is saying that his little sister does like his friend. However, he had better treat her right.
  5. Pop – Britney Spears – Little Me (For My Sister)
    This is a song about attempting to make amends and ask for forgiveness from a little sister. You miss the times she used to look up at you and you wonder how you’ve grown apart.
  6. Hard Rock – New Medicine – Little Sister
    This is a touching, sad song describing feelings associated with losing a little sister that you love so dearly. In this song, the artist seems to compare his little sister to an angel, asking if her wings fit good and if she can fly.
  7. Pop – Sister2Sister – Sister
    This song celebrates the special love between sisters. Sometimes sisters will get on your nerves, borrowing clothes and never giving them back, hogging bathrooms, and just generally being annoying. But a sister also watches over you, knows you really well and loves you like family.
  8. Rock – Dave Matthews Band – Sister
    This exceptionally beautiful song is filled with poetic lyrics about a special sister. These are lyrics such as “Sister when I hear you laugh, my heart fills full up”.
  9. Pop – Bette Midler – Sisters
    This is another upbeat (and somewhat comical) song about the love between two sisters. “Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister! And Lord help the sister that comes between me and my man!”
  10. Pop Rock – Train – Hey Soul Sister
    After carefully listening to the lyrics it is pretty obvious this song is not really about an actual sister. If it is, then the relationship described may be a little disturbing to most. One interpretation could be that a soul sister refers to a soul mate, or a best friend. Therefore, the song describes the reasons why the singer is in love with his soul mate (who is obviously a girl).

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Country Songs For Mothers

This list of country songs for mothers was carefully chosen so as to best represent sentiments of gratitude and love towards mothers. When writing these songs, all artists thought the world of mothers and hoped to let them know just how special they are.

  1. Country – Taylor Swift – The Best Day
    It is so refreshing to find such a sweet song about loving your mom and reminiscing about all the times she has looked after you or made you feel better.
  2. Country – Kasey Chambers – Mother
    This song is a conversation between mother and daughter. They talk of memories and times long ago. The daughter sometimes wondered if her mother was an angel. My favorite line in the song is “light a room with the lines on your face”. I believe it is a wonderful way for the singer to convey how special and universally loved her mother is.
  3. Country – Terri Clark – Good Mother
    This song is a Jann Arden original, but this is a brilliant cover. The singer feels lucky and grateful for all that she has. She feels a lot of credit is due to her mother for all of it.
  4. Country – Holly Williams – Mama
    This song is about a strong mother who, despite hardship the family was experiencing, always made her children feel like everything was alright. The relationship between mother and father may have been falling appart, but she never allowed her pain to fill her children’s heart with hate.
  5. Country – Randy Travis – Angels
    This song is about a chat between some friends. They are discussing many things, amongst which whether angels do or don’t exist. The conclusion? Well of course they do! “Just look in your mother’s eyes!”.
  6. Country – Jamie O’Neal – Somebody’s Hero
    Most mothers are not out pulling people from burning buildings. They are not out performing in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, they haven’t made it to the moon and back, but they are still heroes as they do so much more.
  7. Country – Lonestar – Mr Mom
    This song is hilarious and touching at the same time. Dad had lost his job and mom decides to go to work while dad finds another job. Dad is so excited. He could stay home, watch tv and take long naps. Boy, was he wrong! He barely makes it through the first day. It is a song of thanks to moms for all their hard work for they are truly amazing.

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Songs About Missing Your Mom

Here is a list of sad, heart-felt songs about missing your mom:

  1. Pop – Ronan Keating – Mama’s Arms
    An extremely sad song describing how a young boy feels as he finds he has lost his mother. As the lyrics say “all you want is mama’s arms”.
  2. Country – Hank Snow – My Mother
    A very old song describing a son’s love for his mother and reminiscing. Towards the end of the song we realize that her son, a fully grown man, is now at the funeral of his mother.
  3. Folk/Pop – Jesca Hoop – Angel Mom
    One interpretation of this song is that the singer is imagining her mom be there for her birthday, but then she remembers her mom has gone and she is only dreaming. She wishes nothing more than to hear her mom’s voice once again.
  4. Country – Hank Williams – Take This Message to My Mother
    This is another old song. A son wishes to send a message to his mother. He has met his savior and wishes to fill his mother’s heart with joy. He hopes they will be re-united in heaven one day.
  5. Folk – Arlo Guthrie – Mother, the Queen of My Heart
    On her deathbed, the mother asks her son to be good, never drink, never gamble. Instead, he does start drinking and gambling. One time, amidst a game of cards, he sees an image of his mother and does remember this promise he has made. He never forgets it again.
  6. Hard Rock – Metallica – Mama Said
    This melancholic song was written for James Hetfield’s mother who passed away. It could well be Metallica’s best ballad. It does not describe a perfect relationship between mother and son. There is much regret and desire for what could have been.
  7. Alternative Rock – Smashing Pumpkins – Once Upon A Time
    This sad and beautiful song is a tribute and reflection on Billy Corgan’s mother. My most favourite part is very close to the end: “Mother I hope you know, that I miss you so.”

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12 Mother’s Day Songs For Alternative Music Fans

Compiling a list of mother’s day songs for alternative music fans has been no easy task. To be honest, I was looking for songs that show gratitude and appreciation for mom, but do also rock. There may be hundreds of songs about mothers out there. However, once you exclude ‘easy listening’ or songs that focus on why mom’s aren’t so great, or how great other people’s moms are, you are left with some songs about mothers that are … not rated ‘G’, for example:

  • Comedy – Lonely Island – Mother Lover
  • Pop Punk – Blink 182 – Mother’s Day
  • Comedy – Adam Sandler – Oh Mom

As well as some instrumentals:

  • Ambient – Moby – Love Song For My Mom
  • Violin Solo – Blue October’s Ryan Delahoussaye – For My Mother
  • Instrumental Rock – Buckethead – For Mom

Mother's day

But most importantly, this list:

  1. Alternative Rock – Loon Lake – In The Summer
    Finding the complete lyrics for this song anywhere is quite a challenge and it is hard to be sure of the meaning behind it. But it is such a feel-good song, the chorus of which is perfect for telling a mother how much she means to you.
  2. Alternative Rock – Good Charlotte – Thank You Mom
    This is a wonderful song to tell your mom you love her and let her know how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. It is better suited to single mothers as in parts the lyrics describe a mother who had to do it all by herself.
  3. Punk Rock – One Dollar Short – Unsung Hero
    This is a song about having an unsung hero, the sort of hero that taught you how to tie your shoelaces. This is the sort of hero who was there for you when you broke up with someone special, and the sort of hero that watched you grow from a boy into a man.
  4. Rock – The Frames – God Bless Mum
    It is said Glen Hansard wrote this song as a tribute to his mother. Quite often, when playing live shows, he dedicates it to her.
  5. Punk Rock – Brassknuckle Boys – For You Mom
    As the lyrics of this classic punk rock song state, the artist has written this song for his mom, and for everything that he has put her through. He remembers how hard times were when he was young and his dad left. But he knows both himself and his mom are ok now.
  6. Hip Hop – Kanye West – Hey Mama
    This is an incredibly sweet song (especially for Kanye West) highlighting how great mom is. The mom described in this song looked after her son when she was sick, worked hard to keep the money coming in, got training wheels for her son’s first bike, and so on.

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16 Songs About Family Problems

This is a list of songs about family problems, in particular divorce, coming from an abusive family, being angry at your mother or father and even the pain of missing out on your child’s early years. The sort of bands you can expect in this list are the likes of Blink 182, Eminem, Everclear, 28 Days, Glassvegas, Paul Kelly, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies.

Alternative Songs About Family Problems

  1. Alternative Rock – Glasvegas – Daddy’s Gone
    This song is sung from the point of view of the son whose dad left when he was quite young. The son is angry. He contemplates what he would have wanted and could have been.
  2. Alternative Rock – Everclear – Father Of Mine
    In a very similar fashion to the previous song, the singer is angry at his father for leaving him while he was very young. The singer is wondering where his dad went. He feels his dad “gave him a name, then he walked away”.
  3. Punk Rock – 28 Days – Song For Jasmine
    This song is written from the point of view of the father. He hasn’t been there for his young daughter and he is trying to explain how much he loves her. He appologises for leaving and tries to explain why it happened.
  4. Alternative Rock – Tracy Bonham – Mother Mother
    This song could be interpreted as a phone conversation between the daughter and mother. The mother has sent the daugther away and the daughter is angry, despite pretending she is fine.
  5. Alternative Rock – Weezer – Say It Ain’t So
    The lyrics of this song describe a boy dealing with an alcoholic father, and later in life, an alcoholic step-father. It is said that when the artist was 16, he spotted a can of beer in the fridge. He instantly made a connection that his stepfather was leaving, because his father had also started drinking prior to leaving his mother.
  6. Punk Rock – NOFX – Love Story
    This is a very dark song describing a failing relationship, cheating and tragedy.
  7. Australian Rock – Paul Kelly – To Her Door
    This lyrics tell a story of a young couple that got married early. They started going through some really tough financial times. He started drinking, they started fighting, then she left with the kids. Close to the end of the song, they are about to reunite after a year appart, but have so many questions.
  8. Ska – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Drunk Daddy
    The lyrics of this song go into a lot of detail about child abuse and can be quite hard to digest
  9. Pop Punk – Blink 182 – Dick Lips
    It is said this song is about Tom getting in trouble at school for showing up drunk for a basketball game as well as getting in trouble with his parents after this event. Anyone who has spent a lot of time being grounded for just being a kid and having fun may relate to this song.

Country Songs About Family Problems

  1. Country Pop – Martina McBride – Concrete Angel
    In this song, the singer tells a story of a day in the life of a certain girl. This girl is extremely strong, despite the dire circumstances she is faced with.

Pop Songs About Family Problems

  1. Pop – Christina Aguilera – Oh Mother
    This is a heartfelt song about sticking together with your mom while dealing with a violent father.
  2. Pop – Brooke Hogan – Dear Mom
    In this song, the singer is desperately trying to mend her relationship with her mom, despite all the hurt she has experienced. The singer loves her mom, but she has to change.
  3. Pop Punk – Blink 182 – Stay Together For The Kids
    This song is about divorce and the pain associated with it, especially for the children.

Hip Hop Songs About Family Problems

  1. Hip Hop – Eminem – Cleaning Out My Closet
    Coming from an abusive family, the singer is extremely angry at his mom for the way he was treated. He talks about his own daughter and how precious she is and the sacrifices he has had to make, being a dadHe is tired about keeping the truth about this situation inside.
  2. Hip Hop – Katalyst (feat. Coin Locker Kid) – The Clapping Song
    The singer tells a story of an unreliable mother who spends the rent money on drugs, leaving her child in the cold with no coat. The singer sometimes wishes her life could be more like life on TV, where everyone seems so happy.
  3. Rap – 360 – Child
    In one of my favorite songs of 2011, the singer recalls memories of his childhood and growing up. It is almost a realization of why things are the way they are and perhaps a reflection of many families. He didn’t know his brother was bullied in school. He remembers when his grandfather passed away. He remembers how his own dad had come from nothing, but worked hard to make it something.

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6 Great Songs About Mothers

Here is a list of songs about mothers, selected from thousands of songs that have been written throughout the ages. Songs have been written capturing the essence of a mothers’ love for her children, serving as the embodiment of a child’s love and appreciation for his or her mother, or espousing the joys, the pains, the trials, the tribulations, and the merits of motherhood. We were all born of mothers, who have nurtured and raised us.

While it is virtually impossible to repay your mother for all that she has done for you and all of the sacrifices she has had to go through for you, countless songwriters have found ways to honor their mothers through the lyrics which they have crafted. Songs for mothers may not be able to do justice to the stature that mothers hold in shaping our lives and moulding us into the adults we eventually grow into, but they sure can capture the essence of motherhood.

  1. Pop – The Shirelles – Mama Said
    In its simplicity, this song essentially tells the story of how a young woman must heed the advice of her mother when it comes to issues of romance and courtship as she matures into adulthood.
  2. Nu Metal – Disturbed – Down With The Sickness
    This song lashes out at the writer’s mother for abusing and neglecting him as a child, and for basically raising him the wrong way, resulting in the “sickness” he lives with now.
  3. Progressive Rock – Paul McCartney – Only Mama Knows
    This song is about a mother who abandons her child in an airport lounge, and the child is left to wonder all his life why she left him and what was she running from, and how he must learn to cope and move on with his life.
  4. Rock – John Lennon – Mother
    John Lennon bemoans the life he had to live without either of his parents. His father left him when he was an infant, and his mother died in a car accident when he was a teenager. He wrote this song as a means of seeking therapy for coping with this loss.
  5. Progressive Rock – Pink Floyd – Mother
    This is an interesting song about an over protective mother and a son asking for constant reassurance.
  6. Rock – Danzig – Mother
    One interpretation of this song is of mothers trying to shield their children from that which they do not agree with. But children cannot be shielded for ever.

As you can see, not all songs about mothers are written about positive experiences, praising and lauding them. Many songs about mothers have been written, decrying the pain and misery they have had to go through due a loss of a mother or an abusive mother. But one common theme in each of these songs is that the mother holds an important place in every human being’s heart.

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18 Songs About Family – Songs for all situations

This list of some songs about family is quite varied. It contains songs about reflecting fondly back on your childhood and your parents. There are songs about wishing your family could fix problems and get a long a bit better. There are songs about loving your family. There are songs about seeing your new born daughter for the first time and realizing how lucky you are.


Pop Songs About Family

  1. Pop – Pink – Family Portrait
    This song is about an unhappy family. The singer wishes there would be no more fighting and that everything can be worked out.
  2. Pop Rock – Cranberries – Ode To My Family
    This sad song reflects back on childhood, mum and dad and how different things are now.
  3. Jazz-Funk – Level 42 – Running In The Family
    This is another song about looking back on your childhood, remembering how strict your dad may have been at times.
  4. Soul – Sister Sledge – We Are Family
    This is an old classic about a family who stands united
  5. Soul – Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams – Without Us
    This song was the theme to eighties sitcom, Family Ties.
  6. Pop – Jon Troast – Family
    The singer describes growing up with his many siblings and states that “you would be proud to come from a family like his”. Of course, it wasn’t always perfect. But if he ever had to choose between growing up in a perfect family or his own family, he would always choose his family.
  7. Soul – Sly & the Family Stone – A Family Affair
    The singer’s unique vocals seem to transport the listener back to the 70s. In a unique way, this song describes to family situations. The first is a mother with 2 children as different from each other as can be. She loves them both equally. The other family situation is newlyweds getting used to married life.

Rock Songs About Family

  1. Rock – Rolling Stones – Family This song describes each member of a family with more than its fair share of problems.

Alternative Songs About Family

  1. Blues Rock – John Butler Trio – Peaches And Cream
    The birth of his daughter made John Butler realize how lucky he was and how much he loved his family. This song is his way of expressing this.
  2. Alternative Rock – They Might Be Giants – And Mom And Kid
    This is just a brief song to demonstrate how many different combinations can make up a family.
  3. Indie Pop – Marina And The Diamonds – Family Jewels
    To me, this song describes how expectations that family place upon you can often cause unnecessary distance to be created between you and your family.
  4. Indie Rock – Cast of Cheers – Family
    The singer starts by stating he will need another home, another family. The overall family situation described in the song seems to be quite a dire one filled with war and conflict.
  5. Indie Pop – Satellite Stories – Family
    This is an upbeat song about a boy who is considering starting a family one day. He has even picked a date.
  6. Indie Rock – TV on the Radio – Family Tree
    This is an absolutely beautiful heartfelt song. It’s lyrics are somewhat abstract though. The family tree could be a metaphor for present and past relationships. To me it is a promise of love and hope for better times.
  7. Heavy Metal – Avenged Sevenfold – Welcome to the Family
    This song is not necessarily literally about being welcomed to a family. But out of context, the chorus may serve to do just that.

Hip Hop Songs About Family

  1. Hip Hop – Kanye West – Family Business
    This song describes a family reunion and some of the conversations that might take place.
  2. Hip Hop – Ying Yang Twins – FamilyThe song tells the story of one family in particular. The chorus asks: “When was the last time we were a family like we’re supposed to be?”

Country Songs About Family

        1. Country – Dolly Parton – Family
          This is a song about how your family is a reflection of the best and worst of you.
        2. Country – Lee Ann Rimes – Family
          This is a song that seems to celebrate the fact one’s family is not perfect. No matter what indiscretions or dramas might have taken place, the singer still states proudly: “This is my family”.

So there you have it, I hope you have enjoyed my various list of songs about family.

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Best Songs About Brothers

Here is a list of songs about brothers. These songs are mostly about losing a brother and the sadness associated with this. There are also songs about making amends with brothers, fighting with brothers or songs that simply make mention to brothers.

Alternative Songs About Brothers


  1. Rock – Brother – Alice In Chains
    This song was written by Jerry Cantrell in an attempt to make amends with his younger brother as they were not always very close growing up.
  2. Hard Rock – Brother – Pearl Jam To me, this song is written for brothers who have not always got along. It paints a picture of tension and anger.
  3. Electronica & Dance – Chemical Brothers – Leave Home
    This song was not necessarily written about brothers, but if you’re simply looking for a song with lyrics that make reference to brothers, look no further! “The brother’s gonna work it out”.
  4. Hard Rock – Dark New Day – Brother
    This is a heartfelt song about brothers. Especially, it is about missing your brother and wondering when he will be back.
  5. Indie Rock – Little Birdy – Brother The lyrics of this song are quite abstract, but the singer does mention the fact her ‘brother taught her how to fly’. This song features Paul Kelly on backing vocals and harmonica.
  6. Trip-Hop – Archive – Brother
    With a mellower sound than the others, this is perhaps the saddest song about losing a brother that I have come across so far. It was certainly enough to bring a tear to my eye.
  7. Baroque Pop – Rufus Wainwright – He ain’t heavy he’s my brother
    Many versions of this song have been released over the years, with it’s earliest recording made by Neil Diamond in his 1970 album. The Rufus Wainwright version is my personal favorite.
  8. Country Songs About Brothers

  9. Country – Heather Davis – Brother’s Song

    This is a sad song about losing a big brother, remembering childhood memories and saying goodbye.
  10. Country – Dean Brody – Brothers
    This song is about a brother who left to fight in the war It is about missing your brother, wishing him the best and wanting him to come home safely.
  11. Indie – Matt Corby – Brother
    An absolutely beautiful song which is better enjoyed for Matt Corby’s amazing vocals than it’s mysterious lyrics. It is said the song is a reflection on a falling out the singer had with a very close friend, a very dark period in his life. But as the lyrics say, “Somebody call out to your brother, he’s calling out your name!”.