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Songs About Food

Here is a list of songs about food, covering breakfasts, mains, desserts and many styles of music. Some use food and meals as metaphors but all are worth a listen.

  1. Children’s – Tom Glazer – On Top Of Spaghetti (The Meatball Song)
    This is the story of the adventures of a meatball that went missing. It is sung in an Italian style and is highly amusing.
  2. Pop – Dean Martin – That’s Amore
    This is really a song about love, but it certainly draws some interesting metaphors for pizza and wine.
  3. Parody – Weird Al Yankovich – Albuquerque
    If you hate sauerkraut but were forced to eat it at some stage, you may really relate to this song. It will also help to like Weird Al and/or Albuquerque.
  4. Pop Rock – The Cardigans – Happy Meal
    A nice song about sharing a meal at your house with a special someone and all the excitement associated with this dinner date.
  5. New Wave – B52s – Rock Lobster
    Perhaps not what the B52s had in mind when writing this song; but if you are about to feast on a lobster, it may be appropriate.
  6. Electronica – Muscles – Ice Cream
    The chorus lyrics are said to refer to a man operating an ice-cream truck. The man yelled out to warn Muscles as he was about to step in front of a car. But I am sure there re many other instances where ice cream has saved the day.
  7. Adult Contemporary – Sarah McLachlan – Ice Cream
    This is a love that talks about a love that is even better than ice cream or chocolate.
  8. Alternative Rock – Presidents of the USA – Peaches
    This is a song about really liking nature’s candy, peaches.
  9. Alternative Hip Hop – Ugly Duckling – Meat Shake
    A great song for those who enjoy alternative hip hop as well as meat with a side of meat.
  10. Indie Pop – Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish
    Amongst other things, this song makes references to having time for a piping hot microwave breakfast.