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Angry Break Up Songs

Here is a list of angry break up songs for guys and girls. There is no censoring of feelings in these, just the honest truth about feeling hurt and angry. One may assume that angry songs have a similar sound, perhaps of limiting music tastes. However, this list can prove that different musicians will portray anger in many different ways.

Angry Break Up Songs For Guys

  1. Alternative Rock – Ben Folds Five – Song For The Dumped
    In a way, this song makes light of the situation. It is quite upbeat and chirpy, but no doubt screaming the lyrics at the top of your voice is bound to make anyone feel better. This song is especially suited to those who feel they have spent a lot of money on a girl while she has done nothing but hurt them.
  2. Punk – Unsung Zeros – By The End Of The Day
    This song describes the common situation of realizing that the girl you are with is not the one for you and she is constantly bringing you down but somehow you are just unable to stay away. Towards the end, the singer seems to make a pact with himself to leave and get his life back.
  3. Pop Punk – Blink 182 – Time To Break Up
    At the start of this song, the singer is sick and tired of putting up with this girl’s crap and they should break up. He then wonders if he has made a huge mistake as he misses her a lot. By the end, he realized the best thing to do is let her go and move on.
  4. Alternative Rock – Three Days Grace – (I Hate) Everything About You
    This song can be interpreted many different ways. To me, this song is about having contradicting feelings about a person, and the confusion that comes with this. But, as the title suggests, it is a great song to dedicate to someone who has hurt you.
  5. Punk Rock – 28 Days – This song’s about you
    This is quite an abstract angry song. It seems to be dedicated to someone who has put the singer through a lot of shit.

Angry Break Up Songs For Girls

  1. Folk Rock Ani Di Franco – Untouchable Face
    The singer has found out her love interest in fact is with another woman. She is incredibly angry. She doesn’t feel she should by vying for his touch. She doesn’t want to see him again.
  2. Alternative Rock – Alanis Morisette – You Ought to Know
    A classic song about being angry at a man who has left to be with another woman. I find singing the lyrics to this to be most therapeutic but they do (intentionally or not) also seem to make light of the situation.
  3. Alternative Pop – The Murmurs – You Suck
    It is somewhat unlikely that this song is meant to be serious. It is probably the most fun to sing along to out of the whole list.

Well, there you have it, I hope you have enjoyed my list of angry break up songs for guys and girls.

5 Great Songs About Cheating

Songs about cheating can be heartbreaking or uplifting; they can be anthems of survival or their message can be a simple, melancholy woe-is-me. The pain of having somebody who you love and trust stray touches a nerve and relates to feelings that all but the luckiest among us can relate to – and for those who have never suffered the pain of betrayal, they still strike a strong empathetic chord. Here are some of the best and most memorable.

    1. Country – Carrie Underwood – Before he Cheats
      Possibly one of the more fun songs out there about cheating, this upbeat song tells of a woman taking revenge on her cheating lover’s most prized possession – his car. The song’s popularity is in large part due to the notion that she is not only reacting with anger and strength, but also that her actions will put the next woman on notice of what she is in store for with him.

  1. Country – Patsy Cline – Your Cheatin’ Heart
    This is one of the all-time classic songs about cheating. It is mournful and yet accusatory at the same time, with the woman who has been betrayed warning her cheating lover that his conscience will catch up with him, and that he will suffer, mourn, and be unable to sleep in the same way that she has as a result of his wrongdoing.
  2. Motown/R&B – Marvin Gaye – I Heard it Through the Grapevine
    Another soulful classic cheating song, this one tells the tale of a betrayed lover who finds out that they have been cheated on through gossip. The song tells not only of the pain of betrayal, but also of suffering more because of the way that the knowledge was obtained.
  3. Rock and Roll – The Eagles – Your Lyin’ Eyes
    This song comes at cheating from a different perspective; it tells the story of cheating by looking at a woman who is cheating, and provides perspective on a situation where she is in a loveless marriage. The song’s message states though that her actions will never be able to be hidden – that a cheater always gets caught, if only by the look in their eyes.
  4. Rock – Panic at the Disco – I Write Sins not Tragedies
    This song is upbeat, yet tells the story of a man who finds out at his own wedding via an overheard conversation that his bride has been cheating on him. As he reels with the information, he ironically philosophizes about how much better it is to find out beforehand.

6 Great Songs about Adoption

Here are some remarkable songs about adoption in which the lyrics somehow manage to capture all of the incredible emotions that come when you welcome an adopted child into your world. Whether you are a single mom or dad who has long awaited a child of your own or part of a large family that has decided to share all the love you have to give, when you finally have the child you have wished and waited for, you want to sing about it to the world.

  1. Amy Grant – Baby Baby
    This song is an anthem of love that is perfect for any child, whether born of your blood or brought to your heart. It speaks to how happy the singer is that the child is theirs, and how they will love them forever and ever.
  2. Pop – Elton John – Blessed
    This song was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin in 1995, more than a decade before Elton actually did adopt a child of his own. The song speaks to the longing and hopes that every adoptive parent has, and how they love the child long before they ever arrive.
  3. Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You
    Although this song could just as easily be used as a love song from one adult to another, the words are perfect to describe the emotions that revolve around an adopted child. The lyrics speak to how the object of the song has been wished for and dreamed of for the author’s entire life.
  4. Pop – Phil Collins – Two Worlds
    The music from the soundtrack of Tarzan is enough to bring tears to the eyes of any parent whether biological or adoptive, but this song is particularly poignant for a parent of choice. It talks about the meshing of two worlds to make a single family, and the sacrifices that one mother makes, with one heart broken and another full of hope for the future.
  5. Pop – Christina Perri – A Thousand Years
    This song sums up beautifully the longing and waiting, the fear and fulfillment of adoption. It speaks directly to the anxiety and pain of waiting, and how long the love that you have for your child will last.
  6. Pop – Michael Buble – Haven’t Met you Yet
    This bouncy, upbeat song is generally viewed as nothing but a piece of pop, but heard from the standpoint of a parent waiting for the child that they have longed for, it is a piece of pure fun, a promise to a child that is still waiting in the wings and will be loved infinitely.

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Country Break Up Songs For Girls

Here is a list of country break up songs especially for girls. These songs have managed to perfectly capture various feelings associated with this difficult time of facing the end of a relationship. Some songs express bitter sadness, other songs express tremendous anger. There are also the songs that accept this decision as “for the best” and look forward to moving on.

  1. Country Pop – Taylor Swift – You’re Not Sorry
    The girl singing this song seems to be through with taking lame excuses. She can see that her guy is not really sorry. She doesn’t want him to call anymore.
  2. Country – Reba McEntire – Somebody Should Leave
    This song describe a relationship which in which “the love is quietly dying”. It becomes apparent that somebody should leave. However, it is not as simple as that. Who would get to stay with the children?
  3. Country Pop – Faith Hill – It Matters To Me
    The singer in this song is doubting whether her relationship even matters to the other person. They don’t talk, they don’t touch… are they even in love?
  4. Country – Patsy Cline – I Fall To Pieces
    The singer feels like she falls to pieces each time she hears his name. She is having trouble moving on. She wonders: “How can I be just your friend?”
  5. Country – Lean Rimes – Big Deal
    In this song, the singer has been through a break up. Now, a close friend is going out with her ex. The friend is truly rubbing it in about how great this guy is. The singer may be questioning her decision, but she is certainly irritated by her friend.
  6. Country – Joe Dee Messina – Bye Bye
    In this song, the singer has had enough. She has tried too make it work but to no avail. Now she is moving on and she feels quite enthusiastic about the future. She is never looking back.
  7. Country Rock – Miranda Lambert – Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    This is a great angry song for any girl who has had a boyfriend run off with someone else. This song tells a story of an angry young lady out for a drink; she is finding it quite hard to watch this new woman getting close to her ex.
  8. Lee Ann Womack – A Little Past Little Rock
    Everything in this singer’s town reminds her of her ex. She feels like she needs to get out. This song describes the singer’s journey away from Dallas as well as her attempt to get over the ex.

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Alternative Break Up Songs Of 2010

This list of alternative break up songs has been chosen from triple j’s hottest 100 of 2010. For those that are unfamiliar with the hottest 100, it is compiled every year by radio station triple j after receiving hundreds of thousands of votes from alternative music fans.

  1. Alternative Rock – Birds of Tokyo – Plans
    The song starts with the singer recalling meeting someone and making plans together to kiss the sun at night. Overall, it could be interpreted in many ways. But, to me, with lyrics such as “You know this don’t feel right” and “Don’t forget me or who you are”, this song is about the end of a relationship and saying goodbye. There is confusion about feelings and a desire to keep true to oneself.
  2. Hip Hop Soul – Cee Lo Green – F U!
    Anyone who has had their girl run off with someone else may be able to relate to this song. The lyrics contain many things you may like to say in such a situation. Despite all this, it is an up-beat song that can get you moving on.
  3. Electronic – Crystal Castles – Not In Love
    They were lovers, now they can’t be friends. This is a great song for convincing yourself you are no longer in love. I personally prefer the version featuring Robert Smith.
  4. Experimental Rock – Yeasayer – ONE
    It has been said this song is about giving up alcohol or another addiction. (The letters in the title are said to stand for One’s Not Enough). However, with lyrics such as “I can’t have you anymore” and “Hold me like you used to”, this could be an addiction to an ex.
  5. Indie Rock – The National – Anyone’s Ghost
    One interpretation of this song is a relationship where the girl has started to disengage, or distance herself. She is lying about what she is doing and avoiding him. This is not the sort of relationship he wants to have, he doesn’t want to be “anyone’s ghost”.
  6. Indie Pop – The Jezabels – Easy To Love
    In this song, the singer seems to be describing seeing her ex after a recent painful break up. She can barely stand to see how he has grown.
  7. Alternative Rock – Dead Letter Circus – One Step Away
    With lyrics such as “I hate when you come around” and “Say that you’re gonna go”, to me, this song is about a relationship becoming unbearable because of too much compromise. Complete with that unmistakeable, powerful and addictive DLC sound, this song had me screaming to the top of my lungs.

Songs About Loneliness Due To A Breakup

Here is a list of songs about loneliness. More precisely, these are songs about feeling lonely as a result of being unhappy in a relationship or after a recent break-up.

  1. Trance – Tomcraft – Loneliness
    The lyrics seem to suggest the singer has discovered something unsavoury about what she thought was a happy relationship. Therefore, as the lyrics suggest, “happiness seems to be loneliness”.
  2. R&B – Babyface – The Loneliness
    In this song, the singer is contemplating how much he misses his girl and how lonely he is without her.
  3. Eurodance – Billy More – Loneliness
    In this song, the singer is quite pessimistic about love and passion. He feels another love is another loneliness.
  4. Pop – Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby One More Time
    This song can be interpreted as a conversation between the singer and her ex. She is really lonely and wants him back. She is asking what she could do so they could be together again.
  5. Electronic – Kiu – Pixiphony
    In my opinion, this song is about a relationship that would not work. Despite the singer’s desire, she realizes she would be ok on her own also. She is “alone, but that doesn’t mean she’s lonely”.
  6. Southern Rap – Field Mob – Sick Of Being Lonely
    The chorus of this song is about being lonely at night while the boyfriend is going out with his friends.
  7. Power Metal – Firewind – My Loneliness
    One interpretation of this song is that it tells a story of a relationship that is not working. The singer feels lonely and he doesn’t believe it’s a crime to feel this way.
  8. Pub Rock – The Motors – Love & Loneliness
    The relationship described in this song was once great. After some financial problems, there remains only loneliness and pleasant memories of what was.
  9. Country – Frankie Ballard – Tell Me You Get Lonely
    The singer is lonely after a recent relationship break up and he wonders if his ex feels the same way. He would be ready to return to her in a heartbeat.
  10. Indie Pop – Feist – Lonely, Lonely
    This song can be interpreted as describing a long distance relationship. Although at the start the singer is lonely and really misses her partner, she slowly starts to realise he doesn’t feel the same way.
  11. R&B – Akon – I’m So Lonely
    This song tells a sad, touching story. The singer had his dream girl but did not treat her right. To his surprise she left. He is now so lonely and desperately wants her to come back. The song may also be recognized from Alvin and The Chipmunks.

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Songs About Wedding Rings

If you are looking for songs about wedding rings, look no further. Here, there are songs about remembering your wedding day and songs about being proposed to. There are songs about swapping rings and the promises of love made, so cleverly crafted they could bring a tear to the eye.

  1. Pop Rock – Peter Gabriel – The Book Of Love
    This is more a song about life, more precisely the book of life. However, the lyrics at the very end are certainly about wedding rings have been featured in movies such as “Shall We Dance” and TV series such as Scrubs.
  2. Soul – The Platters – Platters With This Ring
    The lyrics of this up-beat song reflect the promises that you would make with a wedding ring.
  3. R&B – Tiffany Evans – Promise Ring
    This song starts as one girl’s story of receiving a ring. The singer then expresses the importance of this promise ring.
  4. Country – George Jones – Golden Ring
    The start of this song is beautiful. A couple are shopping for a wedding ring and find one that is perfect. Their beautiful wedding day is then described. If you were to stop the song right there, you would have a very happy ending. Otherwise, the song describes the couple a while down the track. They are no longer in love and go their separate ways. The ring ends up at a pawn shop from where another couple buy it.
  5. Country – Sawyer Brown – With This Ring
    If I was searching for a song to express the way I feel when presenting the love of my life with a wedding ring, I would have to pick this one. I found the melody extremely touching and the lyrics perfectly worded to convey love.
  6. Gospel – Duawne Starling – With This Ring
    This is another song about offering a wedding ring and what it represents. This song is also about having faith in God’s plan when bringing 2 people together.
  7. Pop – Jimmy Roselli – When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New
    As the title suggests, this song is about looking back on your wedding day after years and years of marriage and remembering what a great day it was.
  8. R&B – Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
    Despite any objections, it seems no list of songs about wedding rings is complete without this number. All I can say is that “if you like it then you should have put a ring on it”.

Alternative Break Up Songs

    Here is a list of alternative break up songs, some of which are unique in the way they have captured the artists’ own experiences and feelings at the time. There are songs about not wanting to let go, feeling alone and sad. There are songs about realizing that this is for the best. There are songs about wondering where things went wrong. There are songs about being the only one left in a house that was shared with a loved one. There are songs about realizing how different your partner is from what you first thought.

  1. Alternative Rock – Jimmy Eat World – The World You Love
    This song could be interpreted many ways. The very first few lines could be the very opening lines of a break up conversation.
  2. Alternative Rock – Smashing Pumpkins – Thirty Three
    It is said that Billy Corgan wrote this song about his divorce and the pain of this difficult time.
  3. Indie Pop – Kate Nash – Foundations
    An upbeat song despite the difficulty is describes. It is about finding it really hard to let go of a relationship that is not working.
  4. Alternative Rock – Garbage – Cup Of Coffee
    The feelings of hurt Shirley Manson sings about in this song seem to have created quite a unique, more mellow, Garbage sound.
  5. Alternative Rock – Muse – Falling Away With You
    This song describes a relationship that is ending. You can really feel the singer’s “world crumbling away”.
  6. Alternative Rock – The Strokes – Someday
    This song is about being with someone who is not right for you, realizing this and moving on.
  7. Alternative Rock – Diana Anaid – Perfect Family
    This song describes memories of a great relationship with great plans for the future. Somewhere along the line, things went wrong and now the singer is left cleaning up the mess and wondering where things went wrong.
  8. Australian Punk Rock – One Dollar Short – Is this the part?
    This song is an apology for a fight that had happened the night before. The singer is wondering what he may have done to make his partner so mad and if this is the end of the relationship.
  9. Alternative Indie – Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek
    This song can have various interpretations. But it is hard to look at lyrics such as “Oil marks appear on walls where pleasure moments hung before” and not come to the conclusion one person is moving out while another remains in a home that once held such warmness but now feels cold and unwelcoming.
  10. Piano Rock – Ben Folds – You Don’t Know Me
    This song can be interpreted to be about a couple that realized they never really understood each other completely.

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24 Songs About Friendship To Suit All Music Tastes

Here’s a list of some songs about friendship, more precisely, a list of songs that express feelings of admiration towards great friends. There are also some songs for letting friends know they’re not alone in troubled times.  I have created this list of pop songs about friendship because everything is better with friends and music, whether you are excited and celebrating, or having a bad day and feeling down. It’s nice to be able to share the feeling you get from a song you enjoy with friends.

Pop Songs About Friendship

  1. Pop-Rock – Rembrands – I’ll be there for you 
    This could perhaps be the best known song about friendship as it was the theme for the popular TV Show, Friends for so many years.
  2. R & B – Destiny’s Child – Girl 
    Great one for all the girls out there to remember your girlfriends are there to talk to if you are going through a tough time.
  3. American Pop – Vitamin C – Graduation (Friends Forever) 
    More of a graduation song but certainly about ‘friendship’ or even about ‘being friends forever’. This is quite a feelgood song, one that would remind a lot of people for years to come about their last year of high school.
  4. Pop – Mariah Carey – Anytime You Need A Friend 
    I’m going to be honest here, I am not a huge Mariah Carey fan, but this is a great song to let a friend know you are there for them.
  5. Pop – Toy-Box – Best Friend 
    No, I am not a child. Yes, I still thought this song was quite catchy, upbeat, cheerful and cute.
  6. Rock – The Pretenders – I’ll Stand By You 
    This is another great song to explaing your support for a friend in times of hardship with a distinct early nineties sound.

Alternative Songs About Friendship

  1. Alternative Rock – Foo Fighters – My Hero.
    Our list of alternative songs about friendship starts with a song written about a famous friendship. Dave Grohl wrote this song in honor of his friend, Kurt Cobain. Dave felt he couldn’t thank Kurt enough for his musical inspiration.
  2. Australian Punk Rock – One Dollar Short – Unsung Hero
    This is a song about having heroes, whoever they may be.
  3. Rock – U2 – Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
    This song is about Bono’s relationship with his dying father. With lyrics such as “You’re the reason I sing”, it is also a great song for letting someone know how much their friendship means.
  4. Alternative Rock – Franz Ferdinand – All My Friends
    This is a cover of the LCD soundsystem song. In my opinion the LCD Soundsystem version is very hard to beat, but this is definitely worth checking out by all Franz Ferdinand fans
  5. Rock – White Stripes – We’re Going To Be Friends
    A sweet, innocent song that seems to take us back to our childhood in the way we approach or think about friendship.
  6. Alternative Rock – Weezer – My Best Friend
    Alternative music fans will agree, no list of songs about friendship is complete without this beautiful song. A typical Weezer song to help you tell your best friend how much they mean to you.
  7. Psychedelic Pop – Polyphonic Spree – Section 12 (Hold Me Now)
    With lyrics such as “Don’t ever think you’re the only one when times are tough”, it is a great tune to let a friend know you are there for them.
  8. UK Garage – The Streets – Empty Cans
    In fact, the whole streets album “A Grand Don’t Come For Free” is like a beautiful story of life, things going wrong, betrayal, a painful break up and things gradually getting better and realising who your true friends are. You will have to wait for at least 3 minutes into the song before it becomes about making amends with friends.
  9. Alternative Rock – Red Hot Chilli Peppers – My Friends
    Last, but not list on our alternative music list of songs about friendship is this oldie but goodie from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. For RHCP fans, this is the perfect way to reach out to a friend going through tough times.

Country Songs About Friendship

Here is a list of country songs about friendship. There are songs that talk about the importance of good friends in hard times. There are songs of thanks, songs that express to a good friend just how special they are. There are songs that make wonderful promises of friendship, of sticking together through good times and bad.

    1. Country/Pop – LeAnn Rimes – Good Friend and a Glass of Wine
      The artist sings about the need for a good friend, recognizing that a good friend is all she needs to get through the tough times.
    2. Country – Tracy Lawrence – Find Out Who Your Friends Are
      Quite often it is when you are in trouble or when you could use a helping hand that you find out who your friends are. That is the message behind this song.
    3. Country – Rascal Flatts – Me and My Gang
      In this song, the singer invites anyone to put their hand up if they want to hang out with him and his gang.
    4. Country/Southern Rock – Tim McGraw – My Best Friend
      The singer feels he had no one he could count on until his best friend walked into his life. This song is filled with words of admiration towards his best friend.
    5. Country/Pop – Reba McEntire – I’ll Be
      “Ill be your sun when your heart is filled with rain” is only one example of the great promises of friendship made in this beautiful song.
    6. Country – Clay Walker – Fall
      This song recognizes the efforts of someone who always puts herself last in order to help others. She would put on a smile even in tough times, always giving and seldom taking. The song is an encouragement for this person, to let her know she’s not alone. It would be ok to fall every once in a while. She will be caught. She will have the love and support of her friends.
    7. Country/Pop – Faith Hill – There You’ll Be
      This is a great song of saying goodbye and vowing to remember a good friend.
    8. Country/Gospel – Randy Travis – Heroes And Friends
      The singer has come to the conclusion that there are but 2 things that last ’till the end. “One is your heroes, the other is your friends”.
    9. Country/Pop – Taylor Swift – I’m Only Me When I’m With You
      This is the story of a friendship between a boy and a girl. Even though the singer’s friend drives her crazy half the time, she’s only her when she’s with him.

Are your favourite alternative songs about friendship missing? Drop us a comment.