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What Are Some Songs About Robots?

Why make a list of songs about robots? Well, the real question here is: Why Not? I mean, how do we know robots don’t have feelings?

  1. Alternative Rock – Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
    This song is about a robot, Robot 3021. This robot is supposed to kill Yoshimi. However, he cannot as he is in love with her.
  2. Australian Punk Rock – One Dollar Short – Robot
    The story of a lonely robot tin man. All he wanted was the touch of a human hand.
  3. Alternative Rock – They Might Be Giants – Robot Parade
    If you’re looking for a song that sounds as though it was sung by robots, look no further.
  4. Alternative Rock – Radiohead – Paranoid Android
    The title of the song orginiates from the character Marvin, the Paranoid Android, from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series.
  5. House – Daft Punk – Robot Rock
    Not really a lot of lyrics in this song. In fact, I can sum up the lyrics right here: “Rock, Robot Rock!”. Daft Punk haven’t ventured too far from their familiar electronic sounds with this piece.
  6. Rock – Styx – Mr Roboto
    This song was featured in the rock opera ‘Kilroy was Here’ created by the band. Rock Opera is a great way to describe what the song sounds like. The Roboto is a
    machine which does menial jobs in the prison depicted in this opera. The main star later escapes this prison by hiding in the metal shell of this robot.
  7. Alternative Rock – Nada Surf – Robot
    The sounds of this song cannot be more distant with any sounds associated with robots. The lyrics are less about robots and more about comparing to a robot, a man who has done terrible things . For example, “You’re just a robot, executing a program, an imitation of a man”.