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13 Great Songs About Rain

There must be something magical about the rain that stirs the artist’s soul and inspires them to write, because there are dozens of wonderful songs about rain from all genres . Some are pensive and some are profound, some are soulful and some are just plain silly. So grab your umbrellas and rain boots and let’s take a rainy day musical stroll.

  1. Pop Rock – B. J. Thomas – Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head
    This song was released in the late 60s, and was originally written as the theme song for the hit movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” The movie starred Paul Newman and Robert Redford as the legendary bandits, telling a story of two men who were constantly courting danger but who always devil-may care. The song’s lyrics echo the theme, indicating that even if it is raining constantly, the singer is happy just to be free.
  2. British Pop – The Eurythmics – Here Comes the Rain Again
    This song by the iconic British duo of Annie Lennox and David Stewart has a kicky beat that alternates with a dark melody that perfectly suits the melancholy lyrics. The song predictably compares the rain to the feeling of a newly broken heart, and the pouring down of the raindrops to the desire to be with the ex-love.
  3. Motown – The Temptations – I Wish it Would Rain
    This is a terrific song with a slow, soulful beat, and lyrics that tell the tale of a macho guy with a broken heart. He wants to cry but is locked up inside his room, wishing the sun would go away and it would start raining instead so that he could go out and let the rain mask his tears.
  4. Musical Theater – Gene Kelly – Singin’ in the Rain
    The theme song for the hit movie, “Singin’ in the Rain” is a sunny song about being so blindly and rapturously in love that it doesn’t matter whether it is pouring outside, the singer is deliriously happy.
  5. Disco – The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men
    Though this song has been critically panned it is still one of the most popular anthems to female power and fantasy ever written, and always a big hit that draws large groups of women to the dance floor. The lyrics tell women that their prayers have been answered and that if they just step outside, they’ll find men of all types raining down upon them. It’s great fun.
  6. Hard Rock – Creed – Rain
    The rain in this song can be interpreted as a bad feeling. Eventually, the singer does feel the sun is going to come out again, or that things will get better.
  7. Progressive Rock – Dragon – Rain
    Probably one of the best known songs about rain, this old classic is a lot of fun to sing along to. Again, the rain can be interpreted as going through hard times with lyrics such as “Ice on the window, Ice in my heart” and “It’s being raining for so long”.
  8. Soul – Adele – Set Fire To The Rain
    Setting fire to the rain is a very deep metaphor to describe how the singer feels in this situation. She has been deeply hurt by the end of a relationship. She is in a lot of pain but she wants to leave it all behind and move on.
  9. Pop – Bruno Mars – It will Rain
    Another song comparing rain to the feelings felt at the end of a relationship.
  10. Pop – Madonna – Rain
    A beautiful ballad of rain and hope. In the chorus of this song, the singer asks the rain to wash away her sorrow and take away her pain. She compares rain to love coming down.
  11. Pop – Mika – Rain
    This song could be interpreted as a metaphor about relationships turning sour. But for anyone who is hating a rainy day, it would indeed seem like sometimes it just “rain and rain and rain and rains” as the chorus lyrics suggest.
  12. Country Rock – Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have you ever seen the rain?
    This old classic is another song that can be interpreted in many many different ways. It has been rumored to be about the Vietnam war. But it could easily describe the ups and downs of life.
  13. Alternative Metal – Breaking Benjamin – Rain
    Very reminiscent of the children’s nursery rhyme “rain rain go away come again another day” but with a few changes and definitely a lot more melancholic.

6 of the Best Songs About New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Just like emotions, the songs about New Year’s run the gamut from “Woe is me” to “Let’s party!” Here are some of our favorites.

It’s out with the old and in with the new … New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are both all-too-often fraught with intense expectations and emotions, as people review what has happened in their lives over the past year, and what they are looking forward to in the next.

  1. Pop – Barry Manilow – It’s Just another New Year’s Eve

    There have been a lot of people crowned King of Pop, and Barry Manilow is right up there at the top. This melancholy ode to another New Year’s Eve is reminiscent of all of the disappointing evenings spent, anticipating something wonderful, and then remembering that it is a night that tends to both disappoint and yet still make you hopeful for the possibilities of the future.

  2. Indie Rock – Camera Obscura – Happy New Year

    This is one of those songs that didn’t really have to mention New Year’s, but it does. It is a kicky, upbeat song about being optimistic about a relationship despite its bumps, with the singer saying simply that she is willing to work hard to make things work out. The tie in between the optimism and the reference to the New Year makes it a hopeful, fun song.

  3. Alt Rock – Death Cab for Cutie – The New Year

    This song spells out exactly what the depression that so many people experience on New Year’s Eve feels like – it reflects on not being part of the festivities, on being aware that it feel somewhat staged, and wishing that things were better.

  4. Rock – U2 – New Year’s Day
    U2’s anthem to New Year’s Day speaks to the fact that New Years Day is generally a day just like any other, and yet it gives hope of new beginnings; it is a call for change.
  5. Country – Charlie Robison – New Year’s Day

    A kicky country song about a good time had by spending New Year’s Day south of the border, hanging with some cowboys and pretty women.

  6. Rhythm and Blues – B.B. King – Bringing in a Brand New Year

    One of the happiest and most upbeat celebration songs about New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, B. B. rocks it out singing joyfully about celebrating the New Year the old fashioned way, with parades and festivities.

7 Halloween Rock Songs To Include In Your Party Mix

Here is a list of Halloween rock songs perfect for setting the mood at your party. You won’t find any overplayed classics here, just Halloween appropriate party songs that rock. Some mention witches or devils, some are closely related to scary movies, and some are just a bit creepy.

  1. Rock – Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween

  2. The original of this song was composed for the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and performed by the characters of this fictional town called ‘Halloween’. By covering this classic, Marilyn Manson has managed to create a rocking song for any Halloween party mix.

  3. Alternative Rock – All American Rejects – Real World
    This song starts with an appropriately creepy introduction. It then proceeds to state unhappiness with the world and the direction it is taking.
  4. Avant-Garde – Laibach – God is God
    This song is complete with a creepy intro, creepy lyrics and killer vocals. The intro sounds like the soundtrack to a battle scene from some sort of fantasy movie. The lyrics describe premonitions of seeing darkness and hell. To me, the sound of the vocals is reminiscent of bands such as Rammstein. This song was also featured on the ‘Blair Witch Project’ Soundtrack.
  5. Metal – Hydrovibe (featuring Shawnee Smith ) – Killer Inside
    This song also featured on the Saw 3 soundtrack. It is perhaps one of the softest songs on this soundtrack, which is really more of a reflection of the other songs on the Saw 3 soundtrack. The lyrics seem to send of message of asking for help in a messed up world.
  6. Indie Rock – Bloc Party – Hunting For Witches
    I admit the link between this song and Halloween is pretty slim. It is actually a song about the ‘war on terror’ and the London bombings of 2005. However, out of context, the chorus fits quite nicely as it is about ‘hunting for witches’. It is also a rocking song.
  7. Alternative Rock – Greenskeepers – Lotion
    This amusing song pays homage to the fictitious serial killer from the movie Silence of The Lambs, Buffalo Bill. The famous line “It rubs the lotion on its skin” is featured in the chorus.
  8. Alternative Rock / Hip-Hop – Raggadeth – Dance With The Devil
    The odds are pretty good that there will be at least one devil at your party. They are bound to love this ‘oldie but goodie just based on the chorus. With their unique and very original sound, Raggadeth will get you asking: “Are you a rebel? Have you ever Danced with the Devil?

Pop Songs About Winter

Here is a list of some of the best pop songs about winter. After Christmas is over but the cold remains, winter can seem pretty grim sometimes. Some of these songs capture the feeling of a cold winter’s day perfectly while others aim to brighten up such a day.

  1. Pop – Ronan Keating – Winter Songs
    This is a beautiful, sad song. It compares winter with not being able to hold the one you love in your arms.
  2. Pop – Gabriella Cilmi – Warm This Winter
    A fun, upbeat song about keeping warm in the cold winter.
  3. Pop – Sarah McLachlan – Winter Song
    A great song that depicts a picturesque winter scene but also great sadness at missing loved ones during the holiday season.
  4. Pop – Cranberries – So Cold In Ireland
    This is really a song about troubles in Ireland. But it does ask the question: “Does it have to be so cold in Ireland?”
  5. Hip Hop – Kanye West – Coldest Winter
    This is a catchy song, but it is about saying goodbye and wondering “Will I ever love again?”
  6. Pop – Sting – Hounds Of Winter
    This is one of the more up-beat songs on this list, but really, it is still about missing someone.
  7. Pop – Gwen Stefani – Early Winter
    This is another song that uses the winter metaphore for hearbreak.
  8. Pop Rock – Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson – Winter Song
    This is fastly turning into a list of songs that hold winter as a metaphore for lost love. However, I particularly enjoyed one of the last verses of this song. It talked about still believing in summer days and that seasons always change.
  9. Synthpop – Owl City – Peppermint Winter
    The lyrics of this song talk about all the typical things to do with winter: snowball fights, slipping over on ice, Christmas and so on.
  10. Pop – Annie Lennox – Cold
    With lyrics such as “Winter has frozen us, Let love take hold of us”, this is a perfect song about winter.

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11 Alternative Christmas Songs

If you are looking for some non-traditional or alternative Christmas songs, look no further. For various reasons, these are definitely not the songs you would play when the whole family is gathered. However, they could be just what you need to get you pumped this holiday season.

      1. Hard Rock – The Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)
        This song takes all the important parts of Christmas, bells, Santa Claus, festivities and a choir of school children, and mixes them seamlessly with Justin Hawkins’ falsettos.
      2. Pop Punk – Blink 182 – I Won’t Be Home For Christmas
        This is probably not the most polite song to play at the Christmas family reunion. However, it is a classic Blink 182 song and a personal favourite of mine.
      3. Alternative Rock – The Killers – Don’t Shoot Me Santa
        My first thoughts when hearing this song were … “What the..?” But this is a light hearted song with a really catchy chorus; great video clip also.
      4. Rock – The Dairy Brothers – Naked Christmas
        This is another song best left out of the “Christmas Family Reunion Playlist”, but definitely well worth a listen. This four-piece rock band from Adelaide, South Australia formed in 2003, armed with a killer rock sound and light hearted lyrics.
      5. Punk Rock – Sex Pistols – Punk Rock Christmas
        The Santa Claus always freaks me out in this song when he asks: “And what do you want for Christmas little boy?”
      6. Alternative Rock – Weezer – Christmas With Weezer
        Weezer have recorded a whole album of traditional Christmas carols such as “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” and “Silent Night”. I found it all but impossible to only pick one song. This album is even one you could share with the family.
      7. Indie Rock – The Wombats – Is This Christmas?
        Although this is a great song, it is a bit more serious than others mentioned in this list. It poses the question: “What happened to the Christmas festive cheer?”
      8. Punk Rock – MXPX – Punk Rawk Christmas
        This is the song from the album of the same name. The album is a collection of original, sincere and positive songs about the joys of Christmas.
      9. Pop Punk – Simple Plan – Christmas List
        This is a cute song that highlights how, sometimes at Christmas, we get a little too caught up in wanting and spending.
      10. Alternative Rock – Jimmy Eat World – 12.23.95
        This is a sad song about wishing a “Merry Christmas” to someone you may have left behind this year.
      11. Gothic/Ethereal – This Ascension – Carol of the bells
        This is the most beautifully yet haunting version of this carol I have ever heard. Cindy Coulter’s vocals seem to work perfectly here.

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Top 10 Alternative Style Songs About Winter

  1. Punk Rock – Bodyjar – Hazy Shade of Winter
    A beautiful cover of the Simon and Garfunkel song.
  2. Alternative Rock – AFI – Love Like Winter
    The video clip tells an interesting story, but certainly not a happy one
  3. English Folk Rock – Mumford & Sons – Winter Winds
    Mumford & Sons have quite a unique sound, and quite often deep lyrics which combine into powerful, moving songs
  4. Alternative Rock – Tori Amos – Winter
    The song was written about Tony’s relationship with her father
  5. Indie Folk – Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
    Certainly my favourite winter song. It’s certainly the sort of song to take any problems off the mind. It also has a very creative videoclip.
  6. Alternative Rock – U2 – Winter
    This song featured in the movie Brothers and was therefore nominated for Best Original song at the 67th Golden Globe Awards
  7. Rock – Rolling Stones – Winter
    This song cleverly depicts the negatives as well as positives of winter
  8. Progressive Rock – Tea Party – Winter Solstice
    A great instrumental.
  9. Alternative Rock – Midnight Oil – Cold Cold Change
    With lyrics such as ‘Cold cold Change, bringing in the winter, freezing up the water, closing up the mind, you will almost feel the temperature drop.
  10. Pub Rock – Screaming Trees – Winter Song

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What Are Some Songs About Sunshine?

  1. Punk – Spiderbait – Calypso
    This song was featured in the 1999 movie ’10 Things I hate about you’. At the very start of the song, you could be forgiven for thinking this is just another ‘girly’ song. But by the end, you may be surprised at how much this song rocks.
  2. Pop – Len – Steal My Sunshine
    This song reminds me of my first summer out of school. It came out around the same time, but it really does go well with all the fun memories of spending days at the beach with friends.
  3. Pop Rock – Katrina & The Waves – Walking on Sunshine
    I’m walking on sunshine and it feels good!! What a great, feelgood song to get you motivated. Quite a good one to sing along to also.
  4. Pop – Natasha Bedingfield – Pocket full of sunshine
    Who doesn’t love this old classic? A nice, poppy song with a great chorus, great for getting motivated and in a happy mood.
  5. Rock – Aqualung – Brighter than Sunshine
    Personally, I would be more inclined to relate this song to a cloudy day, not sunshine. Still, it is a great song with great vocals.
  6. Hip Hop – Jay Z feat Foxy Brown – Sunshine
    It’s jay z.. so a good one for all the Jay Z fans.
  7. Folk Rock – Matt Costa – Sunshine
    For those that enjoy guitar harmonies, and some sha-la-la’s thrown in here and there.
  8. Australian POP – Christine Anu – Sunshine On A Rainy Day
    This song has been covered by many people, including Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice) and supermodel Naomi Campbell.
  9. American Rap – Lil Flip – Sunshine
    This song was from his album U gotta feel me. This album sold 198000 copies in it’s first week and was certified Platinum in August, 2004.
  10. Pop – The Beatles – Good Day Sunshine
    As stated by Richie Unterberger of all music, the song “radiates optimism and good vibes”.