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6 of the Best Songs About New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day

Just like emotions, the songs about New Year’s run the gamut from “Woe is me” to “Let’s party!” Here are some of our favorites.

It’s out with the old and in with the new … New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are both all-too-often fraught with intense expectations and emotions, as people review what has happened in their lives over the past year, and what they are looking forward to in the next.

  1. Pop – Barry Manilow – It’s Just another New Year’s Eve

    There have been a lot of people crowned King of Pop, and Barry Manilow is right up there at the top. This melancholy ode to another New Year’s Eve is reminiscent of all of the disappointing evenings spent, anticipating something wonderful, and then remembering that it is a night that tends to both disappoint and yet still make you hopeful for the possibilities of the future.

  2. Indie Rock – Camera Obscura – Happy New Year

    This is one of those songs that didn’t really have to mention New Year’s, but it does. It is a kicky, upbeat song about being optimistic about a relationship despite its bumps, with the singer saying simply that she is willing to work hard to make things work out. The tie in between the optimism and the reference to the New Year makes it a hopeful, fun song.

  3. Alt Rock – Death Cab for Cutie – The New Year

    This song spells out exactly what the depression that so many people experience on New Year’s Eve feels like – it reflects on not being part of the festivities, on being aware that it feel somewhat staged, and wishing that things were better.

  4. Rock – U2 – New Year’s Day
    U2’s anthem to New Year’s Day speaks to the fact that New Years Day is generally a day just like any other, and yet it gives hope of new beginnings; it is a call for change.
  5. Country – Charlie Robison – New Year’s Day

    A kicky country song about a good time had by spending New Year’s Day south of the border, hanging with some cowboys and pretty women.

  6. Rhythm and Blues – B.B. King – Bringing in a Brand New Year

    One of the happiest and most upbeat celebration songs about New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, B. B. rocks it out singing joyfully about celebrating the New Year the old fashioned way, with parades and festivities.

22 Songs About Friday – Get ready for the weekend with these great tunes!

Here is a list of songs about Friday as Friday is certainly my favourite day of the week. When at school, or working full time, one starts looking forward to Friday sometimes even on Monday. From this list we can see that this magical day has captured the imagination of many artists as well. This list features various artists ranging from Black Kids, to Grinspoon as well as older artists such as the Easybeats. And of course, no list of songs about Friday would indeed be complete without Rebecca Black and Katy Perry.

Alternative Songs About Friday

  1. Indie Pop – Black Kids – Hurricane Jane
    The chorus of this song describes the singer’s Friday night. Despite the fact that he’s quite popular with the ladies, he seems quite lonely. He doesn’t see the use of making a bed as he has got nobody.
  2. Alternative Rock – The Cure – Friday I’m in Love 
    Maybe not a song about the weekend, but certainly great song about Fridays. And what better day to get excited about the weekend.
  3. Alternative Rock – Grinspoon – Black Friday 
    This is a somewhat abstract song about being bitten by black Friday.
  4. Glam Metal – Autograph – Friday 
    This old song is another description of the excitement and anticipation for Friday. It also describes going out, meeting girls. I really enjoyed the old school guitar solo.
  5. Heavy Metal – Megadeath – Good Mourning/Black Friday
    Like many heavy metal songs, this one is all about violent, bloody massacres and deaths. The word Friday actually only appears twice within the song, indicating that the carnage will all take place on Black Friday.

Pop Songs About Friday

  1. Pop – Rebecca Black – Friday 
    For better or worse, no list of songs about friday would be complete without this world famous song. It tells a simple tale of any given Friday in the life of a young teenager. Richard Cheese fans might also enjoy his hillarious cover of this song. 
  2. Pop – Katy Perry – Last Friday Night 
    This up beat song reflects on memories of last friday night when things were pretty crazy. It is a little hard to remember, but the singer is pretty sure she had an awesome time.
  3. Alternative Pop – Lily Allen – Friday Night
    Another cheeky yet catchy melody from Lily Allen depicting a friday night out.
  4. Pop – Daniel Bedingfield – Friday 
    This is a song about having your girl coming back on Friday and the excitement that comes with it.
  5. Pop – Aqua – Freaky Friday
    The Danish band Aqua had a hit with this hard luck song about a Friday where everything that possibly can go wrong, does. The singer describes his life as being as sad as a country song, where the girlfriend leaves, he gets fired from his job, gets hit by a truck, and more.
  6. Pop – Nancy Sinatra – Friday’s Child
    This song is a ballad describing a girl who has known nothing but misery and hardship her entire life. The reference is to the old nursery rhyme that forecasts what a child’s personality will be based upon the day of the week on which they are born – in the poem, Friday’s Child is full of woe.

Hip Hop Songs About Friday

  1. Hip Hop – Ice Cube – Friday
    This is Ice Cube’s story about Friday night adventures. This song is featured on Ice Cube’s comedy also entitled Friday.
  2. Australian Hip Hop – Matty B – Fridays
    This cruisy song is my favourite description of Fridays. It starts with a bunch of friends talking about what’s happening on Friday. “It’s Friday at last! Time to charge your glass and have a blast!” Preview Matty B’s Fridays
  3. Hip Hop – G. Love and the Special Sauce – Friday Night (Hundred Dollar Bill)
    This song is sung from the viewpoint of a guy who is out for fun on a Friday night, sees a girl who he thinks is attractive but out of his league, and is then thrilled to find that she is interested in him. Unfortunately, he also finds out that she has a boyfriend and that if he continues to pursue her, he’s going to get hurt.
  4. Rhythm and Blues – R. Kelly – Thank God It’s Friday
    R. Kelly’s Thank God It’s Friday is another song that is about nothing but what a great night Friday is for partying, clubbing and having a great time around town.

Country Songs About Friday

  1. Country – George Jones – Finally Friday

    This is a great song for any country music fan who has had a bad week and just wants to scream: “It’s finally Friday and I’m free again!”
  2. Country – Rascal Flatts – Friday
    As the singer in this song states, after a week of hard labor, Friday cannot come fast enough.
  3. Alternative Country – Rhett Miller and The Old 97’s – Every Night is Friday Night
    The meaning of this song is somewhat confusing, as most people think that Friday night is a fun night, filled with possibility. Yet the song is clearly sung by a person who is in pain and lonely, and seems to recall the feeling of being home alone on Friday, when everybody else is out having fun.

Rock Songs About Friday

  1. Rock and Roll – Easybeats – Friday on my mind
    This song has been covered over the years by many artists, including David Bowie.
  2. Jazz Rock – Steely Dan – Black Friday
    This song is about a day commonly refered to as ‘Black Friday’ in US history. A failed ploy left many wealthy investors broke.
  3. British Reggae – The Specials – Friday Night, Saturday Morning
    This song sums up the Friday nightlife experienced by the British working class – going to the clubs late on Friday, dancing and drinking and having a good time until the clubs close in the wee hours the next morning, and then stumbling back home.
  4. Rock – Genesis – Get ‘em Out By Friday
    This song was one of Genesis’ early hits, and runs over eight minutes long. It is a commentary on what the band viewed as a social injustice, when landlords would evict tenants by Friday so that they could relet apartments going into the next week.

So there you have it, one list of songs about Friday, encompassing many music genres. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

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8 Songs About Remembering For Pop Music Fans

Here is a list of Songs about remembering. There are songs about remembering the crazy stuff that people do when they are young. There are songs about coming back to the town you grew up in, visiting your old school, the places you used to hang out. There are songs about remembering friends, and so on.

  1. Rock – Nickleback – Photograph
    In this song, the singer introduces a listener to the town where he grew up. He talks about his old high school, where he used to hang out, the first girl he kissed and so on.
  2. Hip-Hop – Shifty – When We Were Young
    This song is about some of the crazy stuff (non G rated) we do when we are young. There are some regrets, one of which is running through life instead of walking.
  3. Pop – Human Nature – When We Were Young
    In this song, the singer looks back years ago to the start of a wonderful friendship. This friend has now moved on but the memories made will never be taken away by time.
  4. Folk Pop – The Brothers Four – Try To Remember
    This is an old classic song about remembering a time when life was much sweeter.
  5. House – David Guetta feat Kid Cudi – Memories
    This is a nice, cruisy song about creating great memories.
  6. Pop – Madonna – I’ll Remember
    One interpretation of this song is that the singer is parting ways with a great friend but knows that she will remember them and all the good times.
  7. Power Pop – The Rentals – Song Of Remembering
    This is my favourite pop song about remembering. To me, the lyrics seem simple but to the point: nothing is still, everything is passing through the cycles of time.
  8. Pop – Take That – Never Forget
    This is a great song for never forgetting where you’ve come from when you come to the end of a chapter in your life.

8 Great Songs About Time

Here is a list of songs about time. The lyrics of these songs ask questions such as “where have the years gone?” or “is there a way to turn back time?”. There are also lyrics that try to get the listener to make the most of every moment.

  1. Alternative Rock – Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?
    To me, this is a touching song about accepting that life goes fast and making the most of it.
  2. Alternative Rock – Muse – Blackout
    To me, this song aims to deliver a message that enjoying each and every moment is important. There is no rush in growing up.
  3. Pop – Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For
    To me, this song tells the story of Gwen Stefani’s experience at that time, after starting her solo career. However, it certainly makes references to time passing quickly and wondering where the years have gone.
  4. Rock – Four Non Blondes – What’s Up
    As described by the artist, the song is a representation of what she felt at the time, there is no hidden meaning and the lyrics don’t mean anything. However, the first few lines seem to be a call for reflection, in this case on the past 25 years of one’s life.
  5. Eurodance – Aqua – Turn Back Time
    This is a song about regret and wishing to turn back time.
  6. Progressive Rock – Pink Floyd – Time
    This song tells a story of how before you know it, time passes and you are no longer the young person you were and no longer have the unlimited time and opportunities that seemed so plentiful in your youth.
  7. Folk Rock – Mumford and Sons – After The Storm
    In a way, this song is about hoping for better times.
  8. Electronic – Gypsy and The Cat – Time To Wander
    Aside from the fact that this is a great song, I have chosen it for this list of songs about time because it makes reference to questions about the future.

13 Fab Songs About Growing Up

Here is a list of songs about growing up for alternative music fans. Most of them are old classics. There are songs about wanting to grow up, not wanting to grow up and realizing growing up in unavoidable.

  1. Pop Punk – Blink 182 – Dammit
    In this song, the singer is going through some tough times, perhaps a relationship breakup. He comes to the realization that perhaps this is what growing up is like.
  2. Alternative Rock – Garbage – When I Grow Up
    “When I grow up Ill turn the tables…”A great song to sing while holding high hopes for the future.
  3. Alternative Rock – Urge Overkill – Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon
    The original is written by Neil Diamond, but this cover could well be the best song from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.
  4. Alternative Rock – Pulp – Disco 2000
    The title is well dated, as are parts of the chorus. But it’s still a great song about imagining what life would be like when you’re fully grown, then actually growing up and finding out how things turn out and looking back and remembering your high school relationships.
  5. Punk Rock – Millencolin – Twenty Two
    A song about being 22 which I felt I could relate to at the time.
  6. Punk Rock – Bodyjar – Time To Grow Up
    One of Bodyjar’s earlier songs, this seems to highlight a time when things are changing fast and decisions must be made.
  7. Alternative Rock – Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
    This is a great song, the meaning of which is not immediately obvious. It does make references to the past, being a teenager, growing up in the suburbs and not having anything to do.
  8. Acoustic – Joe Neptune – No Time To Grow Up
    In this song, the artist contemplates that perhaps it is time to grow up.
  9. Pop Punk – Blink 182 – What’s My Age Again
    This is more a song about not wanting to grow up, but I told you I like Blink 182 =)
  10. Indie Rock – The Stoics – Everything Else Is Easy
    This is a great, catchy tune filled with interesting changes. The lyrics are quite abstract but there are at least a couple of memories of the singer’s childhood mentioned.
  11. Alternative Rock – Eskimo Joe – When We Were Kids
    A catchy song recalling great memories of being kids. The singer recalls diving into the river, never looking down and not being scared. The whole while the singer admits this is not something he would do now.
  12. Indie Rock – The Wombats – 1996
    This is possibly the best song for anyone who has really enjoyed growing up in the nineties and wishes they could bring back 1996.
  13. Hip Hop – Mattafix – Older
    To me, this is an incredibly touching song about facing difficult times of change bravely and coming out feeling stronger and more grown up for it.

Top 10 Songs About the Weekend

  1. - Dance – Michael Gray – The Weekend
    Certainly one to get you in the mood for a party weekend. Quite an interesting video clip also.
  2. Hip Hop/Pop – Black Eyed Peas feat Esthero – The Weekend
    Again, a great song to set the mood for a weekend of partying. Also I quite enjoyed Esthero’s vocals. She has a great voice.
  3. Hip Hop/Pop – Da Yungin – The Weekend
    With lyrics such as ‘it’s the weekend and I ain’t got no homework, this is a great one for the young or young at heart.
  4. Electro Pop – Calvin Harris – Ready for the weekend
    I’d say there is a good reason all the best songs about the weekend are quite good to dance to. Either way, this is a great, upbeat song, sure to put me in a great mood, even on a monday night.
  5. Hard Rock – Loverboy – Everybody’s Working For the Weekend
    Seems to me this song really captures qualities of the year it came out, 1981
  6. Progressive Rock – MGMT – Weekend Wars
    If you’re looking for a song to help you celebrate the fact it’s the weekend, you may need to look a bit further. Although another great song by MGMT, is is a little melancholic. This is also reflected in the lyrics.
  7. Soft Rock – Barry Manilow – Weekend in New England
    This song would be perfect if you are about to spend a weekend in New England.. and like Barry Manilow.
  8. Alternative Rock – Allstars – Weekend
    This song describes all the things that the artist would do if every day was a weekend day. What if you could sleep in every day? What if you could do whatever you wanted? If nothing else, it’s so great to know you have the weekend to live.
  9. Dance-Pop – Kesha – Lost Weekend
    This song really captchures that carefree feeling of the weekend. The weekend is really a time for partying, spending time with friends or watching the sun come up.
  10. Alternative Rock – Straylight Run – Waiting on The Weekend
    In this song, the artist describes a long distance relationship where he only gets to see his partner on the weekend. This means they are always waiting for the weekend and this is becoming harder and harder.

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