Country Break Up Songs For Girls

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Here is a list of country break up songs especially for girls. These songs have managed to perfectly capture various feelings associated with this difficult time of facing the end of a relationship. Some songs express bitter sadness, other songs express tremendous anger. There are also the songs that accept this decision as “for the best” and look forward to moving on.

  1. Country Pop – Taylor Swift – You’re Not Sorry
    The girl singing this song seems to be through with taking lame excuses. She can see that her guy is not really sorry. She doesn’t want him to call anymore.
  2. Country – Reba McEntire – Somebody Should Leave
    This song describe a relationship which in which “the love is quietly dying”. It becomes apparent that somebody should leave. However, it is not as simple as that. Who would get to stay with the children?
  3. Country Pop – Faith Hill – It Matters To Me
    The singer in this song is doubting whether her relationship even matters to the other person. They don’t talk, they don’t touch… are they even in love?
  4. Country – Patsy Cline – I Fall To Pieces
    The singer feels like she falls to pieces each time she hears his name. She is having trouble moving on. She wonders: “How can I be just your friend?”
  5. Country – Lean Rimes – Big Deal
    In this song, the singer has been through a break up. Now, a close friend is going out with her ex. The friend is truly rubbing it in about how great this guy is. The singer may be questioning her decision, but she is certainly irritated by her friend.
  6. Country – Joe Dee Messina – Bye Bye
    In this song, the singer has had enough. She has tried too make it work but to no avail. Now she is moving on and she feels quite enthusiastic about the future. She is never looking back.
  7. Country Rock – Miranda Lambert – Crazy Ex Girlfriend
    This is a great angry song for any girl who has had a boyfriend run off with someone else. This song tells a story of an angry young lady out for a drink; she is finding it quite hard to watch this new woman getting close to her ex.
  8. Lee Ann Womack – A Little Past Little Rock
    Everything in this singer’s town reminds her of her ex. She feels like she needs to get out. This song describes the singer’s journey away from Dallas as well as her attempt to get over the ex.

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