Country Songs For Mothers

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This list of country songs for mothers was carefully chosen so as to best represent sentiments of gratitude and love towards mothers. When writing these songs, all artists thought the world of mothers and hoped to let them know just how special they are.

  1. Country – Taylor Swift – The Best Day
    It is so refreshing to find such a sweet song about loving your mom and reminiscing about all the times she has looked after you or made you feel better.
  2. Country – Kasey Chambers – Mother
    This song is a conversation between mother and daughter. They talk of memories and times long ago. The daughter sometimes wondered if her mother was an angel. My favorite line in the song is “light a room with the lines on your face”. I believe it is a wonderful way for the singer to convey how special and universally loved her mother is.
  3. Country – Terri Clark – Good Mother
    This song is a Jann Arden original, but this is a brilliant cover. The singer feels lucky and grateful for all that she has. She feels a lot of credit is due to her mother for all of it.
  4. Country – Holly Williams – Mama
    This song is about a strong mother who, despite hardship the family was experiencing, always made her children feel like everything was alright. The relationship between mother and father may have been falling appart, but she never allowed her pain to fill her children’s heart with hate.
  5. Country – Randy Travis – Angels
    This song is about a chat between some friends. They are discussing many things, amongst which whether angels do or don’t exist. The conclusion? Well of course they do! “Just look in your mother’s eyes!”.
  6. Country – Jamie O’Neal – Somebody’s Hero
    Most mothers are not out pulling people from burning buildings. They are not out performing in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, they haven’t made it to the moon and back, but they are still heroes as they do so much more.
  7. Country – Lonestar – Mr Mom
    This song is hilarious and touching at the same time. Dad had lost his job and mom decides to go to work while dad finds another job. Dad is so excited. He could stay home, watch tv and take long naps. Boy, was he wrong! He barely makes it through the first day. It is a song of thanks to moms for all their hard work for they are truly amazing.

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