8 Father’s Day Songs For Alternative Music Fans

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Here is a list of father’s day songs especially for alternative music fans. You’d be hard pressed to find any other songs with more heartfelt lyrics thanking fathers in such a beautiful way on their special day.

  1. Alternative Rock – K’s Choice – Dad
    In this song, the singer admits he was not always the perfect kid. Despite never communicating their love for one another, and perhaps not always understanding each other’s point of view, the singer knows that his dad loves him and he loves his dad also.
  2. Garage Pop – Keith John Adams – Dad
    The relationship between this father and son may not be perfect. So really, they are just like any father and son. However, they seemed to have made it through some tough times together, always seeing each other through.
  3. Symphonic Metal – Manowar – Father
    Such a heartfelt and sweet song celebrating one’s father is hard to come by. The lyrics talk about many great things that fathers do. Things like teaching right from wrong or simply being there for his son.
  4. Children’s – Bryant Oden – My Dad
    No list of Father’s Day songs is complete without this gem. It is a boppy children’s song about loving your dad.
  5. Indie Rock – Bright Eyes – Entry Way Song
    The lyrics of this song are filled with beautiful memories of one’s father as well as gratitude and deep respect. The melody is soft but the singer’s voice seems full of sadness.
  6. Folk Rock – Clare Bowditch – Homage To My Dad And The ABC
    The singer recalls memories of her dad from years past. They used to drive alongside the ocean together. He used to love to listen to the ABC. He would ‘take his time’ and say ‘All will be fine’.
  7. Folk Rock – Ben Harper – My Father’s House
    At the start of this song, the singer explains a dream he has had. He was a child, stuck in a cold dark scary forest. He ran until he fell shaking in his father’s arms. I find the second half of the song very sad. The man wakes and remembers various misunderstandings he has had with his dad and how they are no longer close. He tries to make amends but it’s too late.
  8. Rock – Adrian Belew – Oh Daddy
    This old-style, somewhat unusual yet upbeat and fun song is a conversation between a daugther an her dad. She is asking: “when will her dad become successful? When will he play a big gig? When will he buy a cadillac like he’s always wanted?

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