8 Father’s Day Songs for Country Music Fans

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Here is a list of father’s day songs perfect for country music fans. Maybe it’s just me, but a few of these songs brought many tears to my eyes. In their individual way, all these songs serve as a ‘Thankyou’ to fathers (or step fathers).

  1. Country – Nancy Hays – Dad
    There ain’t no one in the world just like dad. Even when he wasn’t feeling well, he’d never show it. His main concern was helping his daughter.
  2. Folk – Arranmore – Dad
    The singer wishes he had said ‘I love you’ to his dad. He also wishes he was a little more like his father. Even in his teens, when the singer thought his father wouldn’t understand, he was always surprised. This father was always there for his son.
  3. Country – Brad Paisley – He Didn’t Have To Be
    This is the sweetest song I have heard yet celebrating a step father. The singer’s mother found it hard dating when he was little. But the ‘man [the singer] calls his dad’ did not run. The singer hopes he will one day be half the dad that his step-father didn’t have to be.
  4. Country – Chris Young – He’s My Dad
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    A touching song about looking up to one’s step dad, the man who has taught his son what it means to be a man and brought so much love into a boy’s life.
  5. Country – Rodney Atkins – Watching You
    This song is sung mostly from the dad’s perspective. He is amazed at some of the things his little son has learned to do. He then realizes his son has learned all these things from him. The chorus explains from the son’s perspective how much he wants to be just like his dad. He wants to wear cowboy boots and grow up tall and be his dad’s buckaroo.
  6. Country – Johnny Reid – Thankyou
    This is a song of thanks for a life time of sharing love, happiness and support.
  7. Country – George Strait – A Father’s Love
    This song looks back to childhood memories to explain a father’s love. No matter what trouble a son gets into, a dad’s love is a love without end.
  8. Country – Paul Overstreet – Seein’ My Father In Me
    A man (who now has children of his own) is happy to realize how much like his own father he is becoming. He now understands his own dad’s point of view as he recalls disagreements of years past.

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