12 Mother’s Day Songs For Alternative Music Fans

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Compiling a list of mother’s day songs for alternative music fans has been no easy task. To be honest, I was looking for songs that show gratitude and appreciation for mom, but do also rock. There may be hundreds of songs about mothers out there. However, once you exclude ‘easy listening’ or songs that focus on why mom’s aren’t so great, or how great other people’s moms are, you are left with some songs about mothers that are … not rated ‘G’, for example:

  • Comedy – Lonely Island – Mother Lover
  • Pop Punk – Blink 182 – Mother’s Day
  • Comedy – Adam Sandler – Oh Mom

As well as some instrumentals:

  • Ambient – Moby – Love Song For My Mom
  • Violin Solo – Blue October’s Ryan Delahoussaye – For My Mother
  • Instrumental Rock – Buckethead – For Mom

Mother's day

But most importantly, this list:

  1. Alternative Rock – Loon Lake – In The Summer
    Finding the complete lyrics for this song anywhere is quite a challenge and it is hard to be sure of the meaning behind it. But it is such a feel-good song, the chorus of which is perfect for telling a mother how much she means to you.
  2. Alternative Rock – Good Charlotte – Thank You Mom
    This is a wonderful song to tell your mom you love her and let her know how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. It is better suited to single mothers as in parts the lyrics describe a mother who had to do it all by herself.
  3. Punk Rock – One Dollar Short – Unsung Hero
    This is a song about having an unsung hero, the sort of hero that taught you how to tie your shoelaces. This is the sort of hero who was there for you when you broke up with someone special, and the sort of hero that watched you grow from a boy into a man.
  4. Rock – The Frames – God Bless Mum
    It is said Glen Hansard wrote this song as a tribute to his mother. Quite often, when playing live shows, he dedicates it to her.
  5. Punk Rock – Brassknuckle Boys – For You Mom
    As the lyrics of this classic punk rock song state, the artist has written this song for his mom, and for everything that he has put her through. He remembers how hard times were when he was young and his dad left. But he knows both himself and his mom are ok now.
  6. Hip Hop – Kanye West – Hey Mama
    This is an incredibly sweet song (especially for Kanye West) highlighting how great mom is. The mom described in this song looked after her son when she was sick, worked hard to keep the money coming in, got training wheels for her son’s first bike, and so on.

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