Pop Songs About Being Torn Between Two Loves

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Here is a list of songs about being torn between two loves. Some of these songs are perfectly worded confessions. Some just deal with the confusion and heartache experienced during this time.

  1. Pop – Mikaila – So In Love With Two
    In this song the singer describes the good qualities of both her loves. She does not know what do do as she wants to choose both.
  2. Pop – Miley Cyrus – Don’t Wanna Be Torn

    This song states that it’s not always easy listening to your heart.
  3. Pop Rock – Evan Taubenfeld – I Love The Both Of You
    This song can be interpreted in a number of ways, one of which is a confession to a girl. Lyrics such as “I think it’s time you knew, I love the both of you” seem to indicate this.
  4. Electronic Rock – New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
    One interpretation of this song is that the singer is in a new relationship but he is still in love with his x girlfriend.
  5. Pop Rock – Orianthi Panagris – According To You
    In this song, the girl is also faced with a choice. However, unlike the other songs, the choice is pretty straight forward: Stay with someone who puts her down, or be with someone who makes her feel really good about being herself. Also, this girl rocks! She is an extremely talented guitarist.
  6. R & B – India Arie – I Choose
    This song isn’t necessarily about choosing between two people. But it is about making a choice for you, being exactly who you are. You can’t live for anybody else but yourself.
  7. R & B – Chris Bender – Who Will I Choose?
    In this song, the singer is faced with a very difficult decision. In the song, he describes how important both girls are to him and why.
  8. R & B – LeToya Luckett – Torn
    This song really captures the confusion and heartache that is felt when faced with such a choice.
  9. Pop – Mary MacGregor – Torn
    This is a really old song, but it really does say it all. It is one girl’s confession of what is on her mind, perfectly articulated.

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