6 Great Songs about Adoption

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Here are some remarkable songs about adoption in which the lyrics somehow manage to capture all of the incredible emotions that come when you welcome an adopted child into your world. Whether you are a single mom or dad who has long awaited a child of your own or part of a large family that has decided to share all the love you have to give, when you finally have the child you have wished and waited for, you want to sing about it to the world.

  1. Amy Grant – Baby Baby
    This song is an anthem of love that is perfect for any child, whether born of your blood or brought to your heart. It speaks to how happy the singer is that the child is theirs, and how they will love them forever and ever.
  2. Pop – Elton John – Blessed
    This song was written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin in 1995, more than a decade before Elton actually did adopt a child of his own. The song speaks to the longing and hopes that every adoptive parent has, and how they love the child long before they ever arrive.
  3. Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You
    Although this song could just as easily be used as a love song from one adult to another, the words are perfect to describe the emotions that revolve around an adopted child. The lyrics speak to how the object of the song has been wished for and dreamed of for the author’s entire life.
  4. Pop – Phil Collins – Two Worlds
    The music from the soundtrack of Tarzan is enough to bring tears to the eyes of any parent whether biological or adoptive, but this song is particularly poignant for a parent of choice. It talks about the meshing of two worlds to make a single family, and the sacrifices that one mother makes, with one heart broken and another full of hope for the future.
  5. Pop – Christina Perri – A Thousand Years
    This song sums up beautifully the longing and waiting, the fear and fulfillment of adoption. It speaks directly to the anxiety and pain of waiting, and how long the love that you have for your child will last.
  6. Pop – Michael Buble – Haven’t Met you Yet
    This bouncy, upbeat song is generally viewed as nothing but a piece of pop, but heard from the standpoint of a parent waiting for the child that they have longed for, it is a piece of pure fun, a promise to a child that is still waiting in the wings and will be loved infinitely.

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