7 Great Songs About Alaska

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This is a list of songs about Alaska. I have never been but it is certainly a place that appeals to me. Most songs added to this list are country or folk songs, with the exception of 1 heavy metal style song and 1 baroque pop song.

  1. Folk – Black Irish Band – Alaska
    Melodic harmonies, a description of the beautiful Alaskan landscape, this song has it all.
  2. Country Music – Johnny Horton – North To Alaska
    This is an old fashioned country music song that tells a story of heading to Alaska, finding gold, mushing through the snow with a team of huskies, seeing the northern lights and wishing to find true love.
  3. Folk Rock -Joe and Bing – Alaska Bloodline
    This song makes mention of a lot of the well known places throughout Alaska and wanting to go back there.
  4. Musical Theatre – Adam Gwon – Alaska
    This song depicts a light-hearted view about a friend who has moved to Alaska. In this case, the pure fact of choosing to move to Alaska is questioned.
  5. Country Music – Johnny Horton – Springtime In Alaska
    The moral of this song, as I see it, is that spring time in Alaska is very very cold. Although I have yet not figured out the quite unhappy last verse.
  6. Death Metal – Between The Buried And Me – Alaska
    This is quite a different sound to any other song on this list, and in fact, a different sound to any song on any other lists added so far. (I admit it, I am not the biggest fan of heavy metal.) The lyrics are not extremely reflective of Alaskan landscape, history or way of life. But Alaska is mentioned quite loudly quite a few times.
  7. Baroque Pop – Dr Dog – Alaska
    An interesting song about Alaska which talks about having trouble getting a fire started, a drunk donkey and pointing out that in Alaska it’s dark for the Whole winter.