8 Great Songs About Being The Best

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Here is a list of songs about being the best, perfect for celebrating a success, or just having fun. This list features such great acts as Queen, Weezer, Ringo Starr and many more.

  1. Alternative Rock – Weezer – Greatest Man That Ever Lived
    Based on the Shakers’ hymn, this is a fun, catchy tune whose lyrics lack modesty. My favorite part is the last verse. Here, the song tells a story of coming from humble beginnings to achieve great things.
  2. Pop Punk – The Dollyrots – Because I’m Awesome
    This is a really funny song. It can also be described as quite tongue in cheek. It is about a girl being awesome. Some of my favourite lines include “my brain is really supersized” and “i’m naturally deodorized”. The video clip is a parody of American Idol.
  3. Rock – Joe Esposito – You’re The Best
    This may well be the best known song about being the best around, and about not nothing bringing you down. Being associated with movies such as the Karate Kid, this song needs no introduction.
  4. Rock – Tina Turner – Simply The Best
    This is a song of appreciation for someone who is always there for you in times of need. It is a song to let them know you do not know what you would do without them and that they are simply the best.
  5. Rock – Ringo Starr – I’m The Greatest
    This is a song for reflecting back on your life and remembering how great you were all throughout. You know this, because those closest to you have told you so the whole way through.
  6. Rock – Queen – We Are The Champions
    In my opinion, this is the best song ever for celebrating a success after a lot of effort, sacrifice and … sand kicked in your face. The Green Day cover is also quite cool.
  7. Rap Metal – Clawfinger – Biggest and The Best

    This song could be the least modest of all the songs on this list. In the song, the singer considers himself to be a gift to all of humanity, the closest anyone can get to perfection. He likens himself to a god or a king and states that everyone better bow down and listen to him.
  8. Hip Hop – Spose – I’m Awesome
    In this hilarious song, the singer states he is awesome quite sarcastically. Some of my favorite lines include “if you like this it’s cos my little sister wrote it” and “I’m about as sexy as John McCain”.

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