5 Great Songs About Cheating

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Songs about cheating can be heartbreaking or uplifting; they can be anthems of survival or their message can be a simple, melancholy woe-is-me. The pain of having somebody who you love and trust stray touches a nerve and relates to feelings that all but the luckiest among us can relate to – and for those who have never suffered the pain of betrayal, they still strike a strong empathetic chord. Here are some of the best and most memorable.

    1. Country – Carrie Underwood – Before he Cheats
      Possibly one of the more fun songs out there about cheating, this upbeat song tells of a woman taking revenge on her cheating lover’s most prized possession – his car. The song’s popularity is in large part due to the notion that she is not only reacting with anger and strength, but also that her actions will put the next woman on notice of what she is in store for with him.

  1. Country – Patsy Cline – Your Cheatin’ Heart
    This is one of the all-time classic songs about cheating. It is mournful and yet accusatory at the same time, with the woman who has been betrayed warning her cheating lover that his conscience will catch up with him, and that he will suffer, mourn, and be unable to sleep in the same way that she has as a result of his wrongdoing.
  2. Motown/R&B – Marvin Gaye – I Heard it Through the Grapevine
    Another soulful classic cheating song, this one tells the tale of a betrayed lover who finds out that they have been cheated on through gossip. The song tells not only of the pain of betrayal, but also of suffering more because of the way that the knowledge was obtained.
  3. Rock and Roll – The Eagles – Your Lyin’ Eyes
    This song comes at cheating from a different perspective; it tells the story of cheating by looking at a woman who is cheating, and provides perspective on a situation where she is in a loveless marriage. The song’s message states though that her actions will never be able to be hidden – that a cheater always gets caught, if only by the look in their eyes.
  4. Rock – Panic at the Disco – I Write Sins not Tragedies
    This song is upbeat, yet tells the story of a man who finds out at his own wedding via an overheard conversation that his bride has been cheating on him. As he reels with the information, he ironically philosophizes about how much better it is to find out beforehand.

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