9 Great Songs About Dads

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Here is a list of songs about dads. This isn’t a particularly positive list. There are songs about abusive dads, songs about dads not being there, or just about general unhappiness with dad.

  1. Alternative Rock – The Samples – Dad
    In this song, the singer seems regretful of the fact his dad was never around when he was growing up. Time has passed and their relationship has become more and more distant. The singer wonders if his dad cares and wonders if his dad is aware of how much his son loves him.
  2. Pop Punk – Goldfinger – Dad
    At the start of this song, the listener could be forgiven for thinking the singer is angry with his dad. But really, despite some problems, the singer wants a better relationship with his dad. He pleads with his dad to never go away again.
  3. Punk Rock – NoMeansNo – Dad
    The lyrics of this song paint a disturbing picture of a violent, angry dad causing much pain and suffering.
  4. Alternative Hip Hop – Gym Class Heroes – Like Father Like Son
    This is one man’s recollection of his childhood. He remembers many things, including watching his dad needing to divide his pay between all his children (the singer’s step brothers and sisters).
  5. Ethel Waters – Oh Daddy
    The distinct sound of the 1920s is perfectly captured in this song. The lyrics encapsulate one girl’s feelings after seeing her dad walk out on her and her mom.
  6. Folk – Horse Feathers – Father
    In this sad, slow song, the singer is really dismayed with his father. He blames his father for his own short-comings.
    To be honest, my french is a little rusty. But I was able to pick up ‘I am vaccinated with sorrow’ and ‘oh daddy you drink too much’.
  8. Australian Rock – Paul Kelly – Going About My Father’s Business
    To me, this song is a story of a father saying goodbye to his sleeping child as he moves out. Just as the singer’s dad left when he was young, so he too is now leaving. In the song, the singer asks for forgiveness and states he hopes to return ‘when the treaty is signed’
  9. Folk Punk – Frank Turner – Father’s Day
    The artist wrote this song about his own father. As a young adult, Frank discovered the truth about his dad. Despite hiding behind appearances of being an upright, traditional, family man, he had been having a long-standing affair with another woman. He had lied to the family for over a decade.

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