22 Songs About Friday – Get ready for the weekend with these great tunes!

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Here is a list of songs about Friday as Friday is certainly my favourite day of the week. When at school, or working full time, one starts looking forward to Friday sometimes even on Monday. From this list we can see that this magical day has captured the imagination of many artists as well. This list features various artists ranging from Black Kids, to Grinspoon as well as older artists such as the Easybeats. And of course, no list of songs about Friday would indeed be complete without Rebecca Black and Katy Perry.

Alternative Songs About Friday

  1. Indie Pop – Black Kids – Hurricane Jane
    The chorus of this song describes the singer’s Friday night. Despite the fact that he’s quite popular with the ladies, he seems quite lonely. He doesn’t see the use of making a bed as he has got nobody.
  2. Alternative Rock – The Cure – Friday I’m in Love 
    Maybe not a song about the weekend, but certainly great song about Fridays. And what better day to get excited about the weekend.
  3. Alternative Rock – Grinspoon – Black Friday 
    This is a somewhat abstract song about being bitten by black Friday.
  4. Glam Metal – Autograph – Friday 
    This old song is another description of the excitement and anticipation for Friday. It also describes going out, meeting girls. I really enjoyed the old school guitar solo.
  5. Heavy Metal – Megadeath – Good Mourning/Black Friday
    Like many heavy metal songs, this one is all about violent, bloody massacres and deaths. The word Friday actually only appears twice within the song, indicating that the carnage will all take place on Black Friday.

Pop Songs About Friday

  1. Pop – Rebecca Black – Friday 
    For better or worse, no list of songs about friday would be complete without this world famous song. It tells a simple tale of any given Friday in the life of a young teenager. Richard Cheese fans might also enjoy his hillarious cover of this song. 
  2. Pop – Katy Perry – Last Friday Night 
    This up beat song reflects on memories of last friday night when things were pretty crazy. It is a little hard to remember, but the singer is pretty sure she had an awesome time.
  3. Alternative Pop – Lily Allen – Friday Night
    Another cheeky yet catchy melody from Lily Allen depicting a friday night out.
  4. Pop – Daniel Bedingfield – Friday 
    This is a song about having your girl coming back on Friday and the excitement that comes with it.
  5. Pop – Aqua – Freaky Friday
    The Danish band Aqua had a hit with this hard luck song about a Friday where everything that possibly can go wrong, does. The singer describes his life as being as sad as a country song, where the girlfriend leaves, he gets fired from his job, gets hit by a truck, and more.
  6. Pop – Nancy Sinatra – Friday’s Child
    This song is a ballad describing a girl who has known nothing but misery and hardship her entire life. The reference is to the old nursery rhyme that forecasts what a child’s personality will be based upon the day of the week on which they are born – in the poem, Friday’s Child is full of woe.

Hip Hop Songs About Friday

  1. Hip Hop – Ice Cube – Friday
    This is Ice Cube’s story about Friday night adventures. This song is featured on Ice Cube’s comedy also entitled Friday.
  2. Australian Hip Hop – Matty B – Fridays
    This cruisy song is my favourite description of Fridays. It starts with a bunch of friends talking about what’s happening on Friday. “It’s Friday at last! Time to charge your glass and have a blast!” Preview Matty B’s Fridays
  3. Hip Hop – G. Love and the Special Sauce – Friday Night (Hundred Dollar Bill)
    This song is sung from the viewpoint of a guy who is out for fun on a Friday night, sees a girl who he thinks is attractive but out of his league, and is then thrilled to find that she is interested in him. Unfortunately, he also finds out that she has a boyfriend and that if he continues to pursue her, he’s going to get hurt.
  4. Rhythm and Blues – R. Kelly – Thank God It’s Friday
    R. Kelly’s Thank God It’s Friday is another song that is about nothing but what a great night Friday is for partying, clubbing and having a great time around town.

Country Songs About Friday

  1. Country – George Jones – Finally Friday

    This is a great song for any country music fan who has had a bad week and just wants to scream: “It’s finally Friday and I’m free again!”
  2. Country – Rascal Flatts – Friday
    As the singer in this song states, after a week of hard labor, Friday cannot come fast enough.
  3. Alternative Country – Rhett Miller and The Old 97’s – Every Night is Friday Night
    The meaning of this song is somewhat confusing, as most people think that Friday night is a fun night, filled with possibility. Yet the song is clearly sung by a person who is in pain and lonely, and seems to recall the feeling of being home alone on Friday, when everybody else is out having fun.

Rock Songs About Friday

  1. Rock and Roll – Easybeats – Friday on my mind
    This song has been covered over the years by many artists, including David Bowie.
  2. Jazz Rock – Steely Dan – Black Friday
    This song is about a day commonly refered to as ‘Black Friday’ in US history. A failed ploy left many wealthy investors broke.
  3. British Reggae – The Specials – Friday Night, Saturday Morning
    This song sums up the Friday nightlife experienced by the British working class – going to the clubs late on Friday, dancing and drinking and having a good time until the clubs close in the wee hours the next morning, and then stumbling back home.
  4. Rock – Genesis – Get ‘em Out By Friday
    This song was one of Genesis’ early hits, and runs over eight minutes long. It is a commentary on what the band viewed as a social injustice, when landlords would evict tenants by Friday so that they could relet apartments going into the next week.

So there you have it, one list of songs about Friday, encompassing many music genres. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

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