13 Fab Songs About Growing Up

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Here is a list of songs about growing up for alternative music fans. Most of them are old classics. There are songs about wanting to grow up, not wanting to grow up and realizing growing up in unavoidable.

  1. Pop Punk – Blink 182 – Dammit
    In this song, the singer is going through some tough times, perhaps a relationship breakup. He comes to the realization that perhaps this is what growing up is like.
  2. Alternative Rock – Garbage – When I Grow Up
    “When I grow up Ill turn the tables…”A great song to sing while holding high hopes for the future.
  3. Alternative Rock – Urge Overkill – Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon
    The original is written by Neil Diamond, but this cover could well be the best song from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.
  4. Alternative Rock – Pulp – Disco 2000
    The title is well dated, as are parts of the chorus. But it’s still a great song about imagining what life would be like when you’re fully grown, then actually growing up and finding out how things turn out and looking back and remembering your high school relationships.
  5. Punk Rock – Millencolin – Twenty Two
    A song about being 22 which I felt I could relate to at the time.
  6. Punk Rock – Bodyjar – Time To Grow Up
    One of Bodyjar’s earlier songs, this seems to highlight a time when things are changing fast and decisions must be made.
  7. Alternative Rock – Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
    This is a great song, the meaning of which is not immediately obvious. It does make references to the past, being a teenager, growing up in the suburbs and not having anything to do.
  8. Acoustic – Joe Neptune – No Time To Grow Up
    In this song, the artist contemplates that perhaps it is time to grow up.
  9. Pop Punk – Blink 182 – What’s My Age Again
    This is more a song about not wanting to grow up, but I told you I like Blink 182 =)
  10. Indie Rock – The Stoics – Everything Else Is Easy
    This is a great, catchy tune filled with interesting changes. The lyrics are quite abstract but there are at least a couple of memories of the singer’s childhood mentioned.
  11. Alternative Rock – Eskimo Joe – When We Were Kids
    A catchy song recalling great memories of being kids. The singer recalls diving into the river, never looking down and not being scared. The whole while the singer admits this is not something he would do now.
  12. Indie Rock – The Wombats – 1996
    This is possibly the best song for anyone who has really enjoyed growing up in the nineties and wishes they could bring back 1996.
  13. Hip Hop – Mattafix – Older
    To me, this is an incredibly touching song about facing difficult times of change bravely and coming out feeling stronger and more grown up for it.

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