Songs About Loneliness Due To A Breakup

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Here is a list of songs about loneliness. More precisely, these are songs about feeling lonely as a result of being unhappy in a relationship or after a recent break-up.

  1. Trance – Tomcraft – Loneliness
    The lyrics seem to suggest the singer has discovered something unsavoury about what she thought was a happy relationship. Therefore, as the lyrics suggest, “happiness seems to be loneliness”.
  2. R&B – Babyface – The Loneliness
    In this song, the singer is contemplating how much he misses his girl and how lonely he is without her.
  3. Eurodance – Billy More – Loneliness
    In this song, the singer is quite pessimistic about love and passion. He feels another love is another loneliness.
  4. Pop – Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby One More Time
    This song can be interpreted as a conversation between the singer and her ex. She is really lonely and wants him back. She is asking what she could do so they could be together again.
  5. Electronic – Kiu – Pixiphony
    In my opinion, this song is about a relationship that would not work. Despite the singer’s desire, she realizes she would be ok on her own also. She is “alone, but that doesn’t mean she’s lonely”.
  6. Southern Rap – Field Mob – Sick Of Being Lonely
    The chorus of this song is about being lonely at night while the boyfriend is going out with his friends.
  7. Power Metal – Firewind – My Loneliness
    One interpretation of this song is that it tells a story of a relationship that is not working. The singer feels lonely and he doesn’t believe it’s a crime to feel this way.
  8. Pub Rock – The Motors – Love & Loneliness
    The relationship described in this song was once great. After some financial problems, there remains only loneliness and pleasant memories of what was.
  9. Country – Frankie Ballard – Tell Me You Get Lonely
    The singer is lonely after a recent relationship break up and he wonders if his ex feels the same way. He would be ready to return to her in a heartbeat.
  10. Indie Pop – Feist – Lonely, Lonely
    This song can be interpreted as describing a long distance relationship. Although at the start the singer is lonely and really misses her partner, she slowly starts to realise he doesn’t feel the same way.
  11. R&B – Akon – I’m So Lonely
    This song tells a sad, touching story. The singer had his dream girl but did not treat her right. To his surprise she left. He is now so lonely and desperately wants her to come back. The song may also be recognized from Alvin and The Chipmunks.

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