7 Songs About Remembering An Old Love

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Here is a list of songs about remembering an old love. There are songs describing a summer love, your highschool crush, or the beginning of your current relationship.

  1. Alternative Rock – Ash – Oh Yeah
    This is a song about memories, in particular memories about a girl. The singer fondly remembers the summertime and his summer love.
  2. Indie Rock – Sarah Blasko – Flame Trees
    I am a huge fan of this cover of the Cold Chisel classic. To me, this song tells a story. It is a story about heading back to your old town, reminiscing with old friends about many things, including ‘the one that got away’.
  3. Alternative – Whitley – I remember
    Another song about fond memories of a girl, this song in particular expresses fond memories of the singer’s current partner and realizing the relationship you have is something that could last forever.
  4. Australian Punk Rock – One Dollar Short – Satellite
    This is an upbeat song about remembering your high school crush and wondering if you will ever see them again.
  5. Acoustic – Jack Johnson – Do You Remember?
    Encompassing a typical Jack Johnson, chilled, “beach setting” sound, this is another song about remembering when you first got together with your current partner. In the song, as the singer recalls memories, he realizes that 10 years have passed since.
  6. Indie Rock – Bloc Party – I Still Remember?
    To me, this song is about remembering a love that never was. The singer remembers a few special times shared with the one he loves. He remembers how the one he looked on a certain ocassion. But with lyrics such as “I should have kissed you by the water”, there is a lot of regret.
  7. Folk – Clare Bowditch – You Looked So Good
    In this song, the singer seems to be fondly recalling a few hot and steamy moments of love and romance that took place in her work cubicle.