Songs About Missing Dad

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Here are some of the best ever songs about missing dad. Our fathers hold a place in our hearts like nobody else, and when they’re gone, whatever the reason, their absence leaves an enormous hole. Songs that have been written about fathers who are gone run the gamut from songs of praise to songs of regret, and whatever the overall theme of the lyrics, they are always touching and emotional. Fathers evoke universal feelings, so songs about them are written and sung by artists of all ages, genders and musical genres.

Pop Songs About Missing Dad

  1. Pop – Lindsay Lohan – Confessions of a Broken Heart
    The travails of Lilo’s broken relationship with her father are well known to any who follow celebrity culture. This song is an anthem to her disappointment and heartache about their strife-filled relationship, as well as her longing for a loving bond with her dad.
  2. Pop – Barbra Streisand – Papa Can You Hear Me?
    This melancholy song was made popular by the movie Yentl. The movie has a religious theme, and the song has a tone similar to a prayer in which the singer speaks to her long-dead father in Heaven, detailing how alone she feels without him and asking whether he is watching over her.

Country Songs About Missing Dad

  1. Country – John Michael Montgomery – I Miss You a Little
    A lovely song that rings true to anybody who has lost someone they loved very much, the singer talks about how little things are constantly cropping up and reminding him of his father, and how he misses him more with every passing day.
  2. Country – Keith Urban – Song For Dad
    The singer notices how much he reminds himself of his dad. He remembers how much his dad loved him. When the singer feels alone, he remembers his dad saying “Son, you’ll be alright”.
  3. Country – The Statler Brothers – Daddy
    An old song reflecting on one’s father. This father was a simple man, but he was loved like a king.

Rock Songs About Missing Dad

  1. Blues Rock – Eric Clapton – My Father’s Eyes
    This poignant song was written after the tragic death of Clapton’s young son. Though Clapton wrote the song Tears in Heaven about the loss of the boy, he also wrote this song which combines his longing for his son with the absence of his own father when he was growing up, and how he realizes that though he long missed his father, it was only after his son’s death that he realized that every time he had looked into the eyes of his son, he had seen his own father’s eyes.

R&B Songs about Missing Dad

  1. R&B – Luther Vandross – Dance With My Father
    A beautiful and soulful ballad, the song tells of a grown man’s happy childhood memories of playing and dancing with his father, of the tremendous loss that he and everybody in his family feels now that he is gone, and how he wishes that he could dance with his father again.

So there you have it, my list of best songs about missing dad. Thanks for reading and I hope you have found it useful.

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