Songs About Missing Your Mom

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Here is a list of sad, heart-felt songs about missing your mom:

  1. Pop – Ronan Keating – Mama’s Arms
    An extremely sad song describing how a young boy feels as he finds he has lost his mother. As the lyrics say “all you want is mama’s arms”.
  2. Country – Hank Snow – My Mother
    A very old song describing a son’s love for his mother and reminiscing. Towards the end of the song we realize that her son, a fully grown man, is now at the funeral of his mother.
  3. Folk/Pop – Jesca Hoop – Angel Mom
    One interpretation of this song is that the singer is imagining her mom be there for her birthday, but then she remembers her mom has gone and she is only dreaming. She wishes nothing more than to hear her mom’s voice once again.
  4. Country – Hank Williams – Take This Message to My Mother
    This is another old song. A son wishes to send a message to his mother. He has met his savior and wishes to fill his mother’s heart with joy. He hopes they will be re-united in heaven one day.
  5. Folk – Arlo Guthrie – Mother, the Queen of My Heart
    On her deathbed, the mother asks her son to be good, never drink, never gamble. Instead, he does start drinking and gambling. One time, amidst a game of cards, he sees an image of his mother and does remember this promise he has made. He never forgets it again.
  6. Hard Rock – Metallica – Mama Said
    This melancholic song was written for James Hetfield’s mother who passed away. It could well be Metallica’s best ballad. It does not describe a perfect relationship between mother and son. There is much regret and desire for what could have been.
  7. Alternative Rock – Smashing Pumpkins – Once Upon A Time
    This sad and beautiful song is a tribute and reflection on Billy Corgan’s mother. My most favourite part is very close to the end: “Mother I hope you know, that I miss you so.”

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