10 Great Songs About Money

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Many songs about money have been written throughout the years. It is a topic that is easy to relate to. Here is a list of songs about the evils of money. This list also includes songs about working hard and dreaming of more money. There are also songs about loving what you do for money.

  1. Soul – O’Jay – For the Love of Money
    Probably best known as the theme song to TV show ‘The Apprentice’, this song cautions of many terrible things people have been known to do for the love of money. The lyrics also implore the listener to do good things with money.
  2. Dance Pop – Donna Summer – She Works Hard For The Money
    The lyrics of this song describe a woman who has always worked hard for her money. To her it seems strange that some people have everything.
  3. Pop Rock – Abba – Money Money Money
    The lyrics in this song describe a lady who is always working hard yet never has any money left for her. She often daydreams about having a rich man and never having to work again.
  4. Electronic – Jacknife Lee – Making Me Money (switch remix)
    There aren’t a lot of lyrics to this catchy tune. However, people who love what they do for money will easily relate.
  5. Experimental Rock – The Flying Lizards – Money
    In my opinion, even today this cover of Barrett Strong’s classic provides a fresh and unique sound. The singer in this song knows exactly what she wants, and that’s money. She has no use for anything else.
  6. Rock – The Beatles – You Never Give Me Your Money
    This song is rumored to describe some less than ideal dealings between the Beatles and their record label. At the beginning of the song, the lyrics describe a person who is fresh out of college, broke and unemployed.
  7. Rock – Dire Straits – Money For Nothing
    It is said this song is about a certain shop owner complaining about how easy rock stars have it. They pretty much have money for nothing.
  8. Progressive Rock – Pink Floyd – Money
    To me, the lyrics of this song are an abstract collection of general beliefs surrounding money, such as ‘money is the root of all evil’ or ‘get a good job and you will be ok’. Overall, the lyrics paint a negative picture of money.
  9. Indie Rock – The Drums – Money
    This song seems tell a story of a man trying to make ammends with a friend after an argument. He would like to buy his friend something, but he doesn’t have any money.
  10. Alternative Rock – Radiohead – Dollars and Cents
    To me, this song comments on the world’s current financial situation and the evils of money.

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