6 Great Songs About Mothers

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Here is a list of songs about mothers, selected from thousands of songs that have been written throughout the ages. Songs have been written capturing the essence of a mothers’ love for her children, serving as the embodiment of a child’s love and appreciation for his or her mother, or espousing the joys, the pains, the trials, the tribulations, and the merits of motherhood. We were all born of mothers, who have nurtured and raised us.

While it is virtually impossible to repay your mother for all that she has done for you and all of the sacrifices she has had to go through for you, countless songwriters have found ways to honor their mothers through the lyrics which they have crafted. Songs for mothers may not be able to do justice to the stature that mothers hold in shaping our lives and moulding us into the adults we eventually grow into, but they sure can capture the essence of motherhood.

  1. Pop – The Shirelles – Mama Said
    In its simplicity, this song essentially tells the story of how a young woman must heed the advice of her mother when it comes to issues of romance and courtship as she matures into adulthood.
  2. Nu Metal – Disturbed – Down With The Sickness
    This song lashes out at the writer’s mother for abusing and neglecting him as a child, and for basically raising him the wrong way, resulting in the “sickness” he lives with now.
  3. Progressive Rock – Paul McCartney – Only Mama Knows
    This song is about a mother who abandons her child in an airport lounge, and the child is left to wonder all his life why she left him and what was she running from, and how he must learn to cope and move on with his life.
  4. Rock – John Lennon – Mother
    John Lennon bemoans the life he had to live without either of his parents. His father left him when he was an infant, and his mother died in a car accident when he was a teenager. He wrote this song as a means of seeking therapy for coping with this loss.
  5. Progressive Rock – Pink Floyd – Mother
    This is an interesting song about an over protective mother and a son asking for constant reassurance.
  6. Rock – Danzig – Mother
    One interpretation of this song is of mothers trying to shield their children from that which they do not agree with. But children cannot be shielded for ever.

As you can see, not all songs about mothers are written about positive experiences, praising and lauding them. Many songs about mothers have been written, decrying the pain and misery they have had to go through due a loss of a mother or an abusive mother. But one common theme in each of these songs is that the mother holds an important place in every human being’s heart.

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