8 Songs About Remembering For Pop Music Fans

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Here is a list of Songs about remembering. There are songs about remembering the crazy stuff that people do when they are young. There are songs about coming back to the town you grew up in, visiting your old school, the places you used to hang out. There are songs about remembering friends, and so on.

  1. Rock – Nickleback – Photograph
    In this song, the singer introduces a listener to the town where he grew up. He talks about his old high school, where he used to hang out, the first girl he kissed and so on.
  2. Hip-Hop – Shifty – When We Were Young
    This song is about some of the crazy stuff (non G rated) we do when we are young. There are some regrets, one of which is running through life instead of walking.
  3. Pop – Human Nature – When We Were Young
    In this song, the singer looks back years ago to the start of a wonderful friendship. This friend has now moved on but the memories made will never be taken away by time.
  4. Folk Pop – The Brothers Four – Try To Remember
    This is an old classic song about remembering a time when life was much sweeter.
  5. House – David Guetta feat Kid Cudi – Memories
    This is a nice, cruisy song about creating great memories.
  6. Pop – Madonna – I’ll Remember
    One interpretation of this song is that the singer is parting ways with a great friend but knows that she will remember them and all the good times.
  7. Power Pop – The Rentals – Song Of Remembering
    This is my favourite pop song about remembering. To me, the lyrics seem simple but to the point: nothing is still, everything is passing through the cycles of time.
  8. Pop – Take That – Never Forget
    This is a great song for never forgetting where you’ve come from when you come to the end of a chapter in your life.

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