8 Popular Songs About Sons

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This list of songs about sons is quite varied. There are songs about passing on advice from father to son. There are songs about missing your son and not being able to see him due to custody problems. There are songs about feelings felt on the day one’s son is born. Various acts such as Cat Stevens, Phil Collins, Mark Schultz, Don Trip are featured.

    1. Country – Brantley Gilbert – A Modern Day Prodigal Son
      As the title suggests, this song is about a prodigal son. It is the son himself telling the story of being allowed to return home, much to his amazement, even after all he had done.
    2. Progressive Rock – Phil Collins – Son Of Man
      This is a great song for providing typical fatherly advice to your son. The point it seems to make is ‘Don’t be in such a rush to grow up’ or ‘be patient’ or ‘enjoy the journey’.
    3. Southern Hip Hop – Don Trip – Letter To My Son
      This song is about a father who desperately wants to see his child more. He gets one hour a week and he feels that’s very unfair. He does not have nice things to say at all about his son’s mother.
    4. CCM – Mark Schultz – He’s My Son
      This song is a father’s prayer for his sick son. In this deeply touching song the father is filled with pain and would do anything to see his son get better.
    5. R & B – Babyface – The Day (That You Gave Me A Son)
      This song encompasses one man’s great feelings on the day his son is born. Such joy he’s never felt, he states. It’s like falling deep in love.
    6. Gospel – Larnelle Harris – You’re My Child
      This song is a collection of kind words from a father to his child. The Father promises to never be far away and states their love is strong enough to reach across the years.
    7. Progressive Rock – Jethro Tull – Son
      It is somewhat hard to tell, but it seems to me the singer and his son have not always had the best relationship. The father is attempting to pass on advice, but he is not sure the advice is well received.
    8. Folk Rock – Cat Stevens – Father And Son
      A wonderful song about passing life experience from father to son. The son feels reluctant to simply accept this advice. He feels like he needs to build his own life, make his own mistakes. Perhaps the best way to do this is to leave.

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