16 Songs About Superman or Having Super Powers

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It is possible there are more songs about superman around than songs about any other topic. It would be all but impossible to compile a complete list, especially as their topics are so broad. There are many about being a superman with the ladies, such as:

  • Reggae – Tarrus Riley – Superman
  • R & B – Chico dibarge – Superman
  • Rock – Bon Jovi – Superman Tonight

There is also quite a few about not being superman, such as:

  • Alternative Rock – Lazlo Bane – Superman
  • Rock – Dave Matthews Band – Where Are You Going?
  • Country – Willie Nelson – Superman

But here is a list of songs about superman, what it must be like to be superman, or just about having special powers:

  1. Pop Punk – Greenday – Superman
    This song could have a number of interpretations. At the start of the song the singer is feeling like life could be better. Towards the end, the lyrics “i feel just like superman” are repeated numerous times.
  2. Alternative Rock – REM – I am superman
    The singer in this song believes he is superman. Therefore he can do anything. There is also a sadder part to this song where, despite being superman, the singer is not with the girl he loves.
  3. Filk – Ookla the Mok – Super Powers
    This is the story of becoming a super hero due to being bitten by a radioactive bug. The adventure that follows is complete with wizards, aliens, flying, radioactive isotope and gamma rays.
  4. Post Grunge – Bush – Superman
    The singer in this song wonders where superman has gone.
  5. Alternative Rock – Sister Hazel – Superman
    Different people in different situations are waiting for a hero, waiting for superman.
  6. Crash Test Dummies – Superman
    This song tells the world how great a guy superman really was. For one thing, his whole planet crumbled but superman forced himself to keep going.
  7. Rock – The Kinks – (I wish I could Fly Like) Superman
    This is a song about wishing to be fitter, better, being able to fly and just generally being more like superman. There are so many problems in the world and it is too hard to solve them without special powers.
  8. Alternative Rock – Flaming lips – Waiting For Superman
    This song seems to say that even superman can’t do everything. It seems that instead of waiting for superman to come and save us, we should do more to help ourselves.
  9. Hard Rock – 3 doors down – Kryptonite
    This is more a song about friendship or continuing to be there for someone. The superman reference is to portray the sort of friend the singer has been in this song.
  10. Electronic Rock – The Big Pink – Hit the Ground (Superman)
    The lyrics of this song are quite abstract. To me, the song almost seems to describe free falling through clouds, towards the ground, either literally or metaphorically. As the singer doesn’t want to hit the ground, he is calling for superman.