17 Great Songs About Unrequited Love

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Here are some songs about unrequited love. Many songs are written about love, break ups, and missing someone. But this list contains only songs about loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way. The list also contains songs about loving someone who does feel the same way but for whatever reason, a relationship is not possible.

Alternative Songs About Unrequited Love

  1. Piano Rock – Ben Folds – From Above
    Written in collaboration with the author of High Fidelity and About a Boy, this song is a story of unrequited love if ever there was one.
  2. Alternative Rock – Ataris – Your Boyfriend
    The perfect song for a boy who is in love with a girl who has a boyfriend who is not treating her right. The girl considers the boy just a really good friend and is oblivious to how he feels. Some quotes from the movie ‘A Bronx Tale’ are thrown in also.
  3. Alternative Rock – Ataris – San Dimas Highschool Football Rules
    I do apologize for including 2 Ataris songs on this one list, but what can I say, I am a huge fan. This amazing song is about dreaming of spending a perfect day with the one you love. It is especially well suited if your love is named Whitney.
  4. Indie Electro – Flight Facilities – Crave You
    This is a song about a girl trying to get the attention of one boy in particular but to no avail.
  5. Pop Punk – Blink 182 – Apple Shampoo
    A personal favorite of mine, this song is a great story of lost love. It is not clear how both people feel about the relationship, but the singer is heartbroken. Because of demanding careers and such, the relationship cannot go on. To quote the song, “she said: it could never survive, with such differing lives”.
  6. Indie Rock – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps
    This is an amazing song from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The chorus contains the exact words you would want to shout to the one you love if they are with someone else.
  7. Canadian Hip Hop – K-Os – I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman
    This song made it to the list because of the message of it’s catchy chorus: “I can’t really make you love me!”
  8. Indie Folk – Bon Iver – I can’t Make You Love Me / Nick Of Time
    This incredibly touching, sad song seems to be describe a conversation where the singer has strong feelings for someone but they are not replicated. As the chorus lyrics state, “I can’t make you love me if you don’t”.
  9. Indie Rock – British India – I Can Make You Love Me
    It is at a stretch that this song should be included on this list of songs about unrequited love. To me, it seems more an abstract song about depression and despair. But still, as the title and chorus lyrics suggest, the singer hopes to “make you love me”.
  10. Psychedelic Rock – The Doors – We Could Be So Good Together
    An oldie, but if you like the Doors a goodie; the title of this song makes up a large percentage of the lyrics. You almost walk away convinced that the singer and you would be so good together.
  11. Indie Rock – Lykke Li – Unrequited Love
    This may be supposed to be a sad, melancholic song. But I find the uniquely beautiful voice of Lykke Li distracts from this and makes me happy.
  12. Alternative Rock – Pearl Jam – Black 
    Some of my favorite lyrics in any song ever: “Some day you’ll have a beautiful life, some day you’ll be a star; in somebody else’s sky. But why, why can’t it be mine?”

Pop Songs About Unrequited Love

  1. Synthpop – Robyn – Dancing On My Own
    This song is most appropriate for those who still have feelings for their x boyfriend. The singer describes watching her x with another girl while at a club. It is one of those songs that seem so happy and full of energy, but listening to the lyrics changes it completely.
  2. Pop – Madonna – I want You 
    This is a sad song about loving someone that doesn’t love you. However, the singer intends to change her love’s mind so they could one day be together.

Country Songs About Unrequited Love

  1. Country – Rascal Flatts – What Hurts The Most
    This song can be interpreted in a number of ways. However, it certainly captures the feeling of pain associated with not being with the one your heart desires.
  2. Country – Taylor Swift – Teardrops On My Guitar
    A song about wanting to be with someone who is happy with someone else. This song is said to be based on Taylor Swift’s true experience. In her highschool years she had a crush on a boy named Drew who only saw Taylor as a friend. He was in love with another girl.
  3. Country – Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind
    This is more a song about regret, about not letting someone know how much you cared at a time when it would have made a difference.