Songs About Wedding Rings

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If you are looking for songs about wedding rings, look no further. Here, there are songs about remembering your wedding day and songs about being proposed to. There are songs about swapping rings and the promises of love made, so cleverly crafted they could bring a tear to the eye.

  1. Pop Rock – Peter Gabriel – The Book Of Love
    This is more a song about life, more precisely the book of life. However, the lyrics at the very end are certainly about wedding rings have been featured in movies such as “Shall We Dance” and TV series such as Scrubs.
  2. Soul – The Platters – Platters With This Ring
    The lyrics of this up-beat song reflect the promises that you would make with a wedding ring.
  3. R&B – Tiffany Evans – Promise Ring
    This song starts as one girl’s story of receiving a ring. The singer then expresses the importance of this promise ring.
  4. Country – George Jones – Golden Ring
    The start of this song is beautiful. A couple are shopping for a wedding ring and find one that is perfect. Their beautiful wedding day is then described. If you were to stop the song right there, you would have a very happy ending. Otherwise, the song describes the couple a while down the track. They are no longer in love and go their separate ways. The ring ends up at a pawn shop from where another couple buy it.
  5. Country – Sawyer Brown – With This Ring
    If I was searching for a song to express the way I feel when presenting the love of my life with a wedding ring, I would have to pick this one. I found the melody extremely touching and the lyrics perfectly worded to convey love.
  6. Gospel – Duawne Starling – With This Ring
    This is another song about offering a wedding ring and what it represents. This song is also about having faith in God’s plan when bringing 2 people together.
  7. Pop – Jimmy Roselli – When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New
    As the title suggests, this song is about looking back on your wedding day after years and years of marriage and remembering what a great day it was.
  8. R&B – Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
    Despite any objections, it seems no list of songs about wedding rings is complete without this number. All I can say is that “if you like it then you should have put a ring on it”.

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