Top 10 Alternative Style Songs About Winter

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  1. Punk Rock – Bodyjar – Hazy Shade of Winter
    A beautiful cover of the Simon and Garfunkel song.
  2. Alternative Rock – AFI – Love Like Winter
    The video clip tells an interesting story, but certainly not a happy one
  3. English Folk Rock – Mumford & Sons – Winter Winds
    Mumford & Sons have quite a unique sound, and quite often deep lyrics which combine into powerful, moving songs
  4. Alternative Rock – Tori Amos – Winter
    The song was written about Tony’s relationship with her father
  5. Indie Folk – Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
    Certainly my favourite winter song. It’s certainly the sort of song to take any problems off the mind. It also has a very creative videoclip.
  6. Alternative Rock – U2 – Winter
    This song featured in the movie Brothers and was therefore nominated for Best Original song at the 67th Golden Globe Awards
  7. Rock – Rolling Stones – Winter
    This song cleverly depicts the negatives as well as positives of winter
  8. Progressive Rock – Tea Party – Winter Solstice
    A great instrumental.
  9. Alternative Rock – Midnight Oil – Cold Cold Change
    With lyrics such as ‘Cold cold Change, bringing in the winter, freezing up the water, closing up the mind, you will almost feel the temperature drop.
  10. Pub Rock – Screaming Trees – Winter Song

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