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Top 10 Songs About the Weekend

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  1. - Dance – Michael Gray – The Weekend
    Certainly one to get you in the mood for a party weekend. Quite an interesting video clip also.
  2. Hip Hop/Pop – Black Eyed Peas feat Esthero – The Weekend
    Again, a great song to set the mood for a weekend of partying. Also I quite enjoyed Esthero’s vocals. She has a great voice.
  3. Hip Hop/Pop – Da Yungin – The Weekend
    With lyrics such as ‘it’s the weekend and I ain’t got no homework, this is a great one for the young or young at heart.
  4. Electro Pop – Calvin Harris – Ready for the weekend
    I’d say there is a good reason all the best songs about the weekend are quite good to dance to. Either way, this is a great, upbeat song, sure to put me in a great mood, even on a monday night.
  5. Hard Rock – Loverboy – Everybody’s Working For the Weekend
    Seems to me this song really captures qualities of the year it came out, 1981
  6. Progressive Rock – MGMT – Weekend Wars
    If you’re looking for a song to help you celebrate the fact it’s the weekend, you may need to look a bit further. Although another great song by MGMT, is is a little melancholic. This is also reflected in the lyrics.
  7. Soft Rock – Barry Manilow – Weekend in New England
    This song would be perfect if you are about to spend a weekend in New England.. and like Barry Manilow.
  8. Alternative Rock – Allstars – Weekend
    This song describes all the things that the artist would do if every day was a weekend day. What if you could sleep in every day? What if you could do whatever you wanted? If nothing else, it’s so great to know you have the weekend to live.
  9. Dance-Pop – Kesha – Lost Weekend
    This song really captchures that carefree feeling of the weekend. The weekend is really a time for partying, spending time with friends or watching the sun come up.
  10. Alternative Rock – Straylight Run – Waiting on The Weekend
    In this song, the artist describes a long distance relationship where he only gets to see his partner on the weekend. This means they are always waiting for the weekend and this is becoming harder and harder.

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